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Instruction Militaire du Roi de Prusse, Pour ses Generaux. Traduite d'Allemande. vi+147pp., 13 maps/diagrams on 4 flldg. leaves. Paris: Anselin et Pochard. 1821  #56240
[HLMainPic] French translation of 18th Century Prussian Army manual of strategy, formations &c. Contemp. half red morocco, VG ex-Royal Engineers lib. See illustration on our website.   £75
Rhenish Prussia & Birkenfeld. 1st Ed., orig. printed wraps., iv+84pp., fldg. map in endpocket. HMSO. April 1919  #63768
[HLMainPic] CONFIDENTIAL. No. 33 in a series of Handbooks Prepared under the Direction of the Historical Section of the Foreign Office, containing notes on the Geography, Political History, Social & Political Conditions & Economic Conditions of these territories. Orig. grey printed wraps., VG. See illustration on our website.   £125
Statistics of the Military Effort of the British Empire During the Great War. 1914-1920. 1st Ed., 880pp., foolscap, several fldg. tables & charts. HMSO. 1923  #63713
[HLMainPic] Superb, weighty, invaluable & essential compendium of facts & figures including recruiting, casualties (monthly figures for all fronts), expenditure of gun ammunition, contribution of the dominions, expenditure, chronology of events, Enemy PoW, Discipline & Courts-Martial, & much much more. Very rare orig. edition, VG ex-lib. in later blue cloth binding. See illustration on our website.   £325
The Rise & Fall of the German Air Force (1933 to 1945). RESTRICTED Air Ministry Pamphlet No. 248. 1st Ed., xix+422pp., 100+ photos., 26 maps (some fldg.) & 5 tables. Air Ministry. 1948  #62868
[HLMainPic] Detailed operational history compiled for use in staff college &c., with excellent photos., maps &c. Orig. blue cloth, somewhat serviceworn, generally VG with several ink stamps of No. 34 Maintenance Unit Technical Lib. See illustrations on our website.   £45
Ypres 1914: An Official Account Published by Order of the German General Staff. Translated by G.C.W[ynne]. 1st Eng. Ed., xxiv+136pp., 7 sketch maps. Constable. 1919  #61010
[HLMainPic] Translation of the German official account of 1st Ypres. Intro. & notes by the Historical Section (Military Branch), Committee of Imperial Defence. Orig. blue cloth, little marked, VG. See illustration on our website.   £45
BAILEY (Lt.-Col. F.M., CIE) Mission to Tashkent. 1st Ed., 311pp., frontis., 20 photos., 2 maps. VG in stained dw. Cape. 1946  #63156
[HLMainPic] Leader of a Mission to Russian Turkestan in support of White forces during the Allied Intervention in the Russian Civil War: various adventures inc. capture & escape to north Persia: in between he was enlisted by the Soviet counter-iltelligence dept., one of his tasks being to search for himself. Classic account of this turbulent period. Orig. red cloth, gilt, VG in somewhat marked & chipped dw. See illustration on our website.   £35
DU CANE (Brig.-Gen. J.P., CB) The Campaign in Alsace, August, 1870. 1st Ed., xv+174pp., 8 fldg. maps in end-pocket. Hugh Rees. 1912  #62348
[HLMainPic] Useful treatise based on author's lectures delivered at the Staff College in 1907. Orig. red cloth, gilt, ex-Officers' Reference Lib. with label & several stamps, some marking to cloth, VG thus. See illustration on our website.   £35
EWING (Major J., MC) The Royal Scots 1914-1918. 1st Ed., 2 Vols., xxxi/xii+825pp., 36 illus., 42 maps (many fldg.). Oliver & Boyd. 1925  #62592
[HLMainPic] Bns. served in France & Flanders, Gallipoli, Egypt & Palestine, North Russia. Plates of the officers &c. Orig. blue cloth, gilt, VG. See illustration on our website.   £50
HAYES (Capt. M.H., FRCVS, late The Buffs) Among Horses in Russia. 1st Ed., xiv+214pp., frontis., 53 other photos. R.A. Everett & Co. 1900  #57747
[HLMainPic] Noted equestrian writer visited Russia in the mid 1890s: "I have seen so many new & interesting phases of horse & military life in Russia, that I thought an account of them would interest general readers, as well as those who are acquainted with my more or less technical books on matters connected with horses. As I am the first foreigner who has been permitted to visit the Remount Depots of the Russian Cavalry Reserve, I venture to hope that my experiences are worth telling." - Preface. His travels included a visit to the Cavalry Officers' Riding School & contain much of interest on the Russian cavalry of the period. Orig. maroon cloth, gilt titles to sp. & front, plus Cossack pony with rider to front, little rubbed & worn, VG. See illustration on our website.   £125
HODGES (Major Phelps) BRITMIS: A Great Adventure of the War, Being an Account of Allied Intervention in Siberia & of an Escape Across the Gobi to Peking. 1st Ed., 364pp., portrait frontis., 15 illus., 2 fldg. maps. Cape. 1931  #50465
[HLMainPic] Acclaimed account of a Gunner officer attached to the British Military Mission to Kolchak, in Siberia, from Feb. 1919. He escaped to Peking when the White Army retreated before the Red advance in 1920. Orig. blue cloth, sp. tanned o/w VG. See illustration on our website.   £45

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