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Instruction Militaire du Roi de Prusse, Pour ses Generaux. Traduite d'Allemande. vi+147pp., 13 maps/diagrams on 4 flldg. leaves. Paris: Anselin et Pochard. 1821  #56240
[HLMainPic] French translation of 18th Century Prussian Army manual of strategy, formations &c. Contemp. half red morocco, VG ex-Royal Engineers lib. See illustration on our website.   £75
EHRMAN (John) Grand Strategy. Vol. VI: Oct. 1944-Aug. 1945. 1st Ed., xvi+422pp., 10 plates, 6 fldg. maps., ep maps. HMSO. 1956  #55031
[HLMainPic] NW Europe & South-East Asia. Orig. green cloth, VG ex-Evening Standard lib. See illustration on our website.   £25
GOOCH (John) The Plans of War: The General Staff & British Military Strategy c.1900-1916. 1st Ed., xiv+348pp., 2 maps. VG in dw. RKP. 1974  #58393
[HLMainPic] Acclaimed study of the development of the British General Staff & its role in strategic planning up to 1916, including the ill-fated Gallipoli campaign. VG in dw & scarce original hardback edition. See illustration on our website.   £35
GUINN (Paul) British Strategy & Politics 1914 to 1918. 1st Ed., xiii+359pp., 21 photos., 8 maps. VG in dw. Oxford: Clarendon. 1965  #58391
[HLMainPic] A valuable pioneering study of a complex subject. Orig. blue cloth, gilt, VG in dw. See illustration on our website.   £30
HOHENLOHE-INGELFINGEN (Gen. Prince Kraft zu) Letters on Strategy. Ed. by Capt. Walter H. James. 1st Eng. Ed., 2 Vols., xv+417pp., 3 fldg. maps in end-pocket & viii+345pp., 2 fldg. maps in end-pocket. Kegan Paul et al (Wolseley Series). 1897  #56980
[HLMainPic] Second volume in the Wolseley Series of works designed for officers making a serious study of their profession. Important treatise relating almost entirtely to the Austro Prussian War 1866 & Franco-Prussian war 1870. Orig. red cloth, gilt, little rubbed & marked, generally VG throughout. See illustration on our website.   £50
HOWARD (Michael) Grand Strategy. Vol IV: August 1942-September 1943. 1st Ed., xxvii+773pp., frontis., 17 maps, 22 tables. VG ex-lib. in clean dw. HMSO. 1970  #55697
[HLMainPic] Period of triumph in the Middle East & Battle of the Atlantic. Orig. cloth, VG ex-lib. in clean dw. See illustration on our website.   £30
KENNEDY (Paul M.) Ed. The War Plans of the Great Powers, 1880-1914. Foreword by Professor Fritz Fischer. 1st Ed., xi+282pp. VG in dw. A&U. 1979  #56235
[HLMainPic] Valuable collection of scholarly essays charting various aspects. Rare study in hardback edition. VG in dw. See illustration on our website.   £35
LIDDELL HART ([Capt. Basil]) The War in Outline 1914-1918. 1st Ed., 259pp., 7 maps (4 fldg.). VG in dw. Faber & Faber. 1936  #57396
[HLMainPic] The publisher claims that this is "not a mere miracle of condensation. It is the best possible introduction to more extended reading; while, taken in itself, it provides readers, who have no time for closer study, with a clear grasp of the general course of events & of the principles (& the errors) of the opposing strategies." - see sleeve notes. Nice copy in dw. See illustration on our website.   £35
MATLOFF (Maurice) & SNELL (Edwin M.) The War Department: Strategic Planning for Coalition Warfare 1941-1942. 1st Ed., xvii+454pp., 12 photos., 3 fldg. charts.Washington DC: Office of the Chief of Military History, US Army. 1953  #51900
[HLMainPic] US War Department official history. Orig. green cloth, gilt, VG. See illustration on our website.   £20
NEAME (Bt. Lt.-Col. Philip, VC, DSO, RE) German Strategy in the Great War. 1st Ed., vii+132pp., 17 fldg. maps. Arnold. 1923  #38308
Falls says '...one of the few attempts made by British soldiers to provide a work of instruction based upon a study of German strategy. The author covers a great deal of ground & gives a good epitome of the various German offensives.' Orig. cloth, VG.   £25

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