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A Souvenir of the XIII Corps Horse Show, France, 1918. Orig. brown printed paper wraps., 25x20 cm approx., containing 10 real photos. each mounted on a leaf with border & printed caption. No imprint/date but contemp. & probably made up by AP&SS.  #55926
[HLMainPic] A series of photos. including aerial view of the showground, various events & winners, e.g., the 1914 Cup: "To the Driver who has looked after the same Pair of Horses since the date which qualified for the 1914 Star" &c., several featuring the corps commander, Morland. Simpson ('Directing Operations', p.188) rceords that although some scholars such as Tim Travers have held such events up to ridicule, a contemporary observer, Col. W.H. Nicholson wrote (in 'Behind the Lines') "Horse shows, in which all the transport units of a formation competed, were common to all good formations, and were a first class stimulant in animal care & management." VG. See illustrations on our website.   £45
Labour Corps Christmas Card, France 1917-1918. Customary attractive fldg. card with col. illustration within. Traces of paste on rear where removed from album, o/w VG. See illustration on our website.  #46381
[HLMainPic]   £15
The W.R.A.F. on the Rhine. July [1919]. 1st Ed., orig. dec. wraps., 27pp., 4 photos. No imprint/date [Cologne, July 1919].  #53289
[HLMainPic] The first of just three numbers published (in July, August & Sept. 1919), of a journal for the WRAF at Cologne with the Army of Occupation in 1919, consisting of contributions by women at RAF HQ, inc. descriptions of their work & conditions, entertainments &c. Little chipped & worn, overall VG & rare survival. See illustration on our website.   £45
The W.R.A.F. on the Rhine. No.3. September [1919]. 1st Ed., orig. dec. wraps., 24pp., 5 photos. No imprint/date [Cologne, Sept. 1919].  #53293
[HLMainPic] The last of just three numbers published (in July, August & Sept. 1919), of a journal for the WRAF at Cologne with the Army of Occupation in 1919, consisting of contributions by women at RAF HQ, inc. descriptions of their work & conditions, entertainments &c. Little chipped & worn, overall VG & rare survival. See illustration on our website.   £45
Women's War Work In Maintaining the Industries & Export Trade of the United Kingdom. Issued by the War Office, September 1916. 1st Ed., orig. grey printed wraps., 94pp., 4to, inc. 72 finely reproduced photos. on 36 plates. Printed under the Authority of HMSO by the Chiwick Press. 1916  #53401
[HLMainPic] Very rare, attractive & well-produced record of women's work in industry & agriculture in WW1. A note at the foot of the title page states: "Information officially compiled for the use of Recruiting Officers, Military Representatives & Tribunals." Includes Preface & Introductory Note by the Adjutant-General to the Forces, notes on Trades & Processes in which Women are successfully employed in temporary [sic] replacement of Men (includes Index of Trades, Detailed List of Processes & matter relating to Munitions Work), a superb selection of finely reproduced photos. of women employed in various industries, & finally lists of various offices of HM Inspectors of Factories, Labour Exchanges, Board of Trade Women Agricultural Organizing Offficers & Hon. Sec's. for Women's County Committees of Agriculture. 25,000 copies were printed but this appears to be a very rare surviving example. VG state throughout. See illustrations on our website.   £225
Small scrap album/autograph book with WW1 content. Cloth covers with sketch & legend 'Autographs', 17x14 cm approx., plain leaves mostly bearing inscriptions & sketches, with a number by WW1 servicemen, also other content & some remain blank. Sp. chipped/worn with loss but internally sound.  #54296
[HLMainPic] WW1 contributions by soldiers include several good coloured sketches (including trench scenes) & cartoons, regimental badges & patriotic messages. See illustrations on our website.   £75
Eastern Command Standing Orders, 1st January-31st December 1917. Original printed orders, 938pp. in all, foolscap, bound together in one volume in contemp. green cloth with gilt title to spine. Contemp. official publications.  #55842
[HLMainPic] This mass of detailed orders for Eastern Command, issued almost daily throughout the year 1917, includes very detailed listings of officers joining & leaving the Command, appointments & promotions within the Command, lists of men of all ranks undertaking various courses of instruction, various directives as to courses & Schools of Instruction (from the major to the minor, the latter including, for example, the School of Cookery at Portslade, Sussex), personal equipment, religious affairs & arrangements, courts-martial, all manner of notifications in changes to regulations of various kinds, &c. A rare & possibly unique survival in VG state with oval ink stamps of Bedfordshire TFA to most issues. See illustrations on our website.   £425
2nd Lieut. Charles Douglas Lucas Hill, 9th (S) Bn. Royal Sussex Regt., formerly 28th London Regt. (Artists' Rifles): Killed in Action 14th February 1916. Hard covered "Partridge & Cooper's" pocket diary during service in France with the 9th Sussex from 31/10/15 to 31/12/1915, 157x100mm, with short but interesting daily entries (see extracts below). 2/Lt. Hill was Killed in Action 14/2/1916 when he & his entire platoon were buried alive by the explosion of a German mine. He is buried in Menin Road South Cemetery, near Ypres.  #58346
[HLMainPic] Hill landed in France on 31/10/15 & joined 9th Sussex the following day (the battalion had arrived in France just two months before, on 1/9/15). He was posted to command No. 15 Platoon, "D" Coy. (Lt. Robertson) & spent the winter in the trenches of the Ypres Salient apart from a one week bombing course (14-20/11/15) & machine gun course (20-25/12/15). Experiences in & out of the line typical of the period. Some extracts: 1/11/15: "Left Hazebrouck for Poperinghe but break journey at Godeswaersvelde & from there proceeded by motor bus to Reninghelst to find Regt. up in trenches. Report to Adjutant but sent back to spend the night at Dickebusche"; 6/11/15: "Start away at 2.45 pm for the trenches. Arrive at trenches about 7.30 pm. We relieve the R. West Kents"; 7/11/15: "Spend quiet day in trenches. Not much doing. Trenches in very bad state & need a great deal of attention. Slept with Shaw in his dugout, but very uncomfortable"; 11/11/15: "Try & improve my portion of trench. Get some of superfluous water away. Bosche sends a few whizz bangs over. A very wet night, & turn in wet. Dugout starts to leak"; 16/12/15: "Orderly dog. Inspect & mount guards at nine, billets & turn out guard at 12. Complaints round at 12.45. Staff parade 9. Turned out guard at 10.30. Lecture on trench tactics given by Major"; 17/12/15: "Parade at 9.00. Give lecture on trench orders. Practice gas helmet drill. Bomb competition in afternoon. 13 & 14 [platoons] win first round. Raining"; 18/12/15: "Parade at 9.30. Finish bomb throwing competition. 13 defeat 14 very close finish. Soccer match between B & D, B win by 3-0. Knight & Matthews come over & stop for tea." Useful but brief diary, mentioning a dozen or so other officers of the battalion, together with photocopies of Hill's personal file & WD extracts. See illustrations on our website.   £275

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1919 Souvenir of the [38th] Welsh Division. Ed. by Capt. N. Hodgson. 1st Ed., orig. printed wraps., 71pp., 4to, illus. throughout in col. & b/w (sketches & cartoons). Cardiff: Western Mail. 1919  #56952
[HLMainPic] Contributions by numerous members, mainly humorous, edited by Capt. N. Hodgson (of the Divisional Train). Orig. dec. wraps., chipped at edges, sound. See illustration on our website.   £30
No. L/6265 L/Cpl. John Henry (Jack) Unwin, No. 5 Pl., "B" Coy., 1st Bn. The Queen's (Royal West Surrey) Regiment: Killed in Action near High Wood, 15th July 1916.  #58268
[HLMainPic] Two letters with envelopes (dated 13/12/15 & 7/3/16) & one FPC (dated 4/3/16) from Unwin to "Cousin Ethel." He was KiA in his battalion's attack on 'German Switch' trench near High Wood, a failure due to uncut wire which resulted in losses of 5 officers & 28 other ranks killed, 58 missing & 207 wounded. He is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial. Together with further correspondence to Ethel Brooks: (i) From 'Jesse' serving at an ADS in Salonika, three letters with envelopes & five postcards, 1917-18; (ii) five postcards from L/Cpl. George Mansfield, with whom she became romantically attached; (ii) Four postcards from "Sid" in France & several other postcards &c. See illustration on our website.   £45

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