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Statistical Digest of the War, Prepared in the Central Statistical Office. 1st Ed., xii+248pp. HMSO with Longmans. 1951  #52010
[HLMainPic] Volume of the UK Civil Series of Official Histories containing a mass of material in tabulated form: population statistics, manpower in the armed forces & civilian employment, social conditions & health, agriculture & food, fuel, production, trade, shipping &c. Orig. blue cloth, gilt, somewhat worn but sound ex-lib. copy & scarce. See illustration on our website.   £20
The R.C.A.F. Overseas: The Fifth Year. 1st Ed., xviii+404pp., several hundred photos. (inc. many portraits). VG in chipped dw. Toronto: OUP. 1945  #55580
[HLMainPic] Official account of the Royal Canadian Air Force, this volume covering Sept. 1943-Aug. 1944, Bomber Command, invasion of Europe &c. Roll of Hon., awards. Orig. blue cloth, sp. sl. spotted o/w VG in chipped dw. see illustration on our website.   £35
BAKER (J.V.T.) The New Zealand People at War: War Economy. 1st Ed., xvi+660pp., approx. 60 photos., 89 charts. Wellington: War History Branch. 1965  #45348
Interesting volume of the New Zealand Official History includes defence construction, industry & farming, war contracts, food exports (to Britain &c.), problems of supply, fuel, trade, &c. Orig. green cloth, gilt, VG.   £25
COLLIER (Basil) The Defence of the United Kingdom. Facsimile reprint, xix+557pp., 29 photos., 32 maps (most fldg.). IWM. 1995  #54978
Battle of Britain & aerial defence against bombing, V1s & V2s &c. Orig. cloth, VG.   £20
DAVIN (D.M.) Crete. Facsimile reprint of 1953 1st Ed., xvii+547pp., approx. 50 photos., 29 maps. Nashville: Battery Press & London: IWM. 1997  #56371
[HLMainPic] A very detailed volume of the New Zealand Official History containing an account of the NZ ops. on Crete in May 1941. Orig. red cloth, VG & original edition scarce. See illustration on our website.   £45
DEAN (H.R.) The Royal New Zealand Air Force in South-East Asia 1941-42. 1st Ed., orig. illus. wraps., 32pp., 4to, photos. & maps. War History Branch, Dept. of Internal Affairs, Wellington, NZ. 1952  #52088
[HLMainPic] One of a series of official publications designed "to present aspects of New Zealand's part in the Second World War which will not receive detailed treatment in the campaign volumes & which are considered either worthy of special notice or typical of many phases of our war experience. The series is illustrated with material which would otherwise seldom see publication." This volume includes NZRAF ops. over Malaya & Burma 1941-42, with biographical notes on 51 airmen who participated. VG. See illustration on our website.   £20
DERRY (T.K.) The Campaign in Norway. Facsimile reprint of 1952 1st Ed., xi+289pp., 5 plates, 14 maps (some fldg.). IWM/Battery Press. 1995  #50724
[HLMainPic] Orig. green cloth, VG. See illustration on our website.   £25
DONNISON (F.S.V.) British Military Administration in the Far East 1943-46. 1st Ed., xviii+483pp., 8 fldg. & 2 sketch maps. VG ex-lib. in dw. HMSO. 1956  #54418
Burma, Malaya, Indo-China & Indonesia. VG ex-lib. in dw.   £25
EHRMAN (John) Grand Strategy. Vol. VI: Oct. 1944-Aug. 1945. 1st Ed., xvi+422pp., 10 plates, 6 fldg. maps., ep maps. HMSO. 1956  #55031
[HLMainPic] NW Europe & South-East Asia. Orig. green cloth, VG ex-Evening Standard lib. See illustration on our website.   £25
FERGUSON (Sheila) & FITZGERALD (Hilde) Studies in the Social Services. 1st Ed., ix+367pp. HMSO. 1954  #54957
A volume in the Civil Series. Welfare of children, problem of illegitimacy, &c. Orig. cloth, VG ex-lib.   £14

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