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244 Signal Squadron (Air Support). A Programmed Guide. Part I: History, Organisation & Roles. 39pp. dup. typsecript, several diagrams, card covers with plastic spiral binding. The Regt. 1973  #52140
[HLMainPic] A 'welcome' booklet issued to new members of this Royal Signals unit, containing brief unit history & much detail on its organisation & role working with the RAF in Offensive & Transport Air Support, &c. Introduction signed by the CO & signed by the compiler, WO II (Yeoman of Signals) A.C.T. Tasker inside front over. All pages stamped Restricted. Scarce. See illustration on our website.   £25
An Abridgement of the Regulations for the Formation & Movements of the Cavalry (As Last Corrected by the Board) Adapted to the use of Yeomanry Corps, with Suggestions of Several Points of Discipline & Interior; & A Short Notice upon Patrols, Picquets, & Other Measures of Precaution in Times of Disturbance. Also the Forms of Yeomanry Returns; & An Abstract of the Regulations Issued by the Government Departments Connected with the Yeomanry. xii+167pp., num. diagrams of drill movements &c. Clowes. 1833  #48501
[HLMainPic] Rare book of instruction for the Yeomanry. Orig. plum cloth, little worn, sound throughout, VG, with orig. leather lettering label to front. See illustration on our website.   £50
Artillery Training Volume I Drill. 1932. Orig. blue canvas wraps., xii+393pp., fldg. diagram, sketches. HMSO. 1932  #35359
Includes Drill Movements, Transport of Artillery, Skill at Arms &c. VG.   £20
Artillery Training Volume II Gunnery. 1934, Reprinted with Amendments (Nos. 1 to 6), 1939. viii+291pp., sketches, fldg. tables &c. HMSO. 1939  #57802
[HLMainPic] Ballistics, Ammunition, Time Shrapnel, OPs, Fire Discipline, Predicted Shooting, Co-operation with the RAF, &c. Orig. blue cloth, minor wear, generally VG. See illustration on our website.   £20
Canadian Army Training Pamphlet No.1. A General Instructional Background for the Young Soldier. 1942. Orig. buff printed wraps., 192pp., several col. plates, photos. & diagrams. Ottawa. 1942  #41633
Inc. Drill, Weapons Training, Application of Fire, Gas, Organisation & Tactical Training, Field Engineering & Military Law. Somewhat serviceworn but VG with pencil ownership inscrip. to front of Pte. Black, E.J., W30219.   £10
Circular Memorandum on Field General Courts-Martial On Active Service for Use in the United Kingdom: "The Green Book." Orig. green printed card wraps., 28pp. Printed by Harrison & Sons. 1940  #52156
[HLMainPic] Official instructions issued as an accessory to the Manual of Military Law. Contains Forms of Oath, procedures before, during & after trial, &c. VG. See illustration on our website.   £20
Communicating Drill for Cavalry. Movements by Fours, Increasing & Diminishing the Front. Compiled from the latest Cavalry Drill by Major J.R. Van Cortlandt, 3rd (K.O.) Hussars. 31pp. Gale & Polden. 1901  #55753
[HLMainPic] Handy pocketbook of drill orders & what they mean. Orig. red printed paper covers, VG. See illustration on our website.   £20
Drill for 6 Inch B.L. & 5.5 Inch B.L. Guns. On Transferable Mountings. 1934. Orig. blue printed wraps., 27pp. Admiralty (Gunnery Branch). 1934  #31003
Staples rusted o/w VG with several Amendments pasted in.   £12
Drill Up-To-Date: A Short Manual for the Home Guard. 1st Ed., orig. printed wraps., vii+56pp., diagrams. Longmans et al. 1940  #44933
[HLMainPic] Including the 'new' drill in threes. Author was "a commissioned O.T.C. instructor in the last war & is now doing similar work in the Home Guard." VG. See illustration on our website.   £12
Examination of Army Officers for Promotion. Papers set in October, 1936. With Remarks by the Examiners. 1st Ed., orig. blue printed wraps., 117p., fldg. map in end-pocket. HMSO. 1936  #52929
[HLMainPic] Includes Notes for the guidance of Candidates taking Examinations followed by the various papers & schemes, including one on the Gallipoli campaign & another on Mesopotamia from Oct. 1915 to the taking of Baghdad in March 1917. Both of these contain interesting comments on the operations & sources to be employed for study. The final section is Papers for Officers of the Indian Army. Orig. printed wraps., somewhat serviceworn, faint oval ink stamp to front of the HKSRA, & later ownership inscrip. of the writer Alan Sillitoe. See illustration on our website.   £20

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