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Bomber Command   2 Books
German. Town Plan of Kiel. 2nd Edition. 1944 Fldg. paper coloured map, 98x70cm, being a finely detailed 1:12,500 scale plan of the city, port & dock, key to street names & numbered buildings on reverse. Compiled & drawn by A.C.I.U. & War Office. Ground Information Supplied by I.S.T.D. Photolithographed by War Office. 1944  #63905
[HLMainPic] Excellent map including Naval Seaplane Base; Airfield; Floating Dock; Naval Munitions Depot; Victualling Depot; Dry Docks & Locks on the Kiel Canal, various other port installations inc. U-Boat Brucke (i.e., jetty), Scharnhorst Brucke & others, with key to street names & numbered buildings (ship repair yards &c.) on reverse. 10,000 copies of this edition printed, Sept. 1944. As home of the German Navy's Baltic Fleet, a major submarine base & naval supply centre, Kiel was one of the most heavily bombed targets in the Reich: the town, numerous vessels, & most of the industry was completely destroyed, & doubtless this was one of the maps used in planning its destruction. Rather creases, chipped/torn at edges, generally VG with all details clear on front & back, pinholes where formerly placed on wall/noticeboard, some minor ms. additions such as markers/bouys in the harbour, &c. See illustration on our website.   £45

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Serial Map Service. August 1941. Air Objectives in the Greater Reich. Fldg. paper coloured map, 62x50cm, showing all of Germany (& parts of neighbouring territories), 35 miles = 1 inch, plus larger scale inset of Ruhr Area, with following installations &c. identified: Aircraft Factories; Munitions; Oil Refining & Hydrogenation Plants; Communications; Chemical Works; Seaplane Bases; Industrial Concentrations; Naval Bases; Docks & Harbours; Shipbuilding. VG. See illustration on our website.  #63904
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