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Official History 1939-1945   59 Books
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The R.C.A.F. Overseas: The Fifth Year. 1st Ed., xviii+404pp., several hundred photos. (inc. many portraits). VG in chipped dw. Toronto: OUP. 1945.  #55580
[HLMainPic] Official account of the Royal Canadian Air Force, this volume covering Sept. 1943-Aug. 1944, Bomber Command, invasion of Europe &c. Roll of Hon., awards. Orig. blue cloth, sp. sl. spotted o/w VG in chipped dw. see illustration on our website.   £35
C.B. 3505 (1). Naval Staff History. Second World War. Battle Summaries Nos. 45 & 46: Battles of Coral Sea & Midway. 1st Ed., ii+148pp., 4 fldg. maps/plans, 15 figs. in text. Historical Section, Admiralty Naval Staff. 1953.  #56397
[HLMainPic] Copy No. 28 of these two CONFIDENTIAL Admiralty monographs, Battle Summary No. 45, Battle of Coral Sea, 4-8 May 1942 & Battle Summary No. 46, Battle of Midway, 3-6 June 1942. Detailed & rare study with num. sketch maps of ships' dispositions, &c. Orig. blue cloth, gilt, front board sl. spotted, snall & neat Withdrawn stamp to ffep o/w VG & rare (just 500 copies printed). See illustration on our website.   £165
Statistical Digest of the War, Prepared in the Central Statistical Office. 1st Ed., xii+248pp. HMSO with Longmans. 1951.  #52010
[HLMainPic] Volume of the UK Civil Series of Official Histories containing a mass of material in tabulated form: population statistics, manpower in the armed forces & civilian employment, social conditions & health, agriculture & food, fuel, production, trade, shipping &c. Orig. blue cloth, gilt, somewhat worn but sound ex-lib. copy & scarce. See illustration on our website.   £20
B.R. 1736 (10). Naval Staff History. Second World War. Battle Summary No. 52: The Tobruk Run, June 1940-January 1943. 1st Ed., iv+39pp., 3 fldg. plans/charts. Historical Section, Admiralty. 1956.  #56396
[HLMainPic] Rare RESTRICTED official monograph: "The story of coastal operations off Cyrenaica & the part played by the Inshore Squadron of the Mediterranean Fleet, June 1940 to January 1943" including sections "Before the Siege of Tobruk," During the Siege..." & "Summary of Operations" followed by List of Ships awarded the Battle Honour, Libya 1940-42." Illustrated by fldg. chart of the Mediterranean & fldg. sketch maps of Operations Compass & Crusader. Orig. blue cloth, gilt, leading edge of front board little stained o/w VG. See illustration on our website.   £165
BAKER (J.V.T.) The New Zealand People at War: War Economy. 1st Ed., xvi+660pp., approx. 60 photos., 89 charts. Wellington: War History Branch. 1965.  #45348
Interesting volume of the New Zealand Official History includes defence construction, industry & farming, war contracts, food exports (to Britain &c.), problems of supply, fuel, trade, &c. Orig. green cloth, gilt, VG.   £25
BRAGADIN (Cmdr. M.A.) The Italian Navy in World War II. 1st Ed. in Eng., xviii+380pp., numerous photos., 17 charts & diagrams. VG in chipped dw. Annapolis: U.S. Naval Inst. 1957.  #54970
[HLMainPic] Based on official records with latest revisions from the 4th Italian ed. VG in chipped & repaired dw. See illustration on our website.   £35
COAKLEY (Robert W.) & LEIGHTON (Richard M.) United States Army in World War II, Global Logistics & Strategy 1943-1945. 1st Ed., xxiii+889pp., 49 photos., 8 fldg. maps. Washington, DC: Office of the Chief of Military History, US Army. 1968.  #51893
[HLMainPic] US Army official history inc. Middle East, Far East & the assault on North-West Europe 1944-45. Orig. green cloth, gilt, VG. See illustration on our website.   £20
COLLIER (Basil) The Defence of the United Kingdom. Facsimile reprint, xix+557pp., 29 photos., 32 maps (most fldg.). IWM. 1995.  #54978
Battle of Britain & aerial defence against bombing, V1s & V2s &c. Orig. cloth, VG.   £20
COPE (Sir V.Z.) Ed. Medicine and Pathology. 1st Ed., xxix+565pp. VG in dw. HMSO. 1952.  #38470
Medicine in the services & various special subjects from cardiology to smallpox + general preface to the Medical Series. Nice copy, VG in dw.   £25
COURT (W.H.B.) Coal. 1st Ed., xii+422pp. VG ex-lib. in dw. HMSO. 1951.  #55596
[HLMainPic] A volume of the Civil Histories. Vital wartime effort & the birth of government control of the coal industry. VG ex-lib. in dw. See illustration on our website.   £20

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