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A Record of the 3rd East Anglian Field Ambulance (Four Lines) Namely: 1/3rd East Anglian Field Ambulance; Special Reserve (Category B); 2/3rd East Anglian Field Ambulance; 3/3rd East Anglian Field Ambulance, during the Great War 1914-1919. With A Chapter by A.W. Bartlett, B.Sc., On The Notes of a Naturalist With The Mediterranean Expeditionary Force, 1915-1918. 1st Ed., 125pp., 2 portraits, 2 maps. No imprint/date (privately printed by Wyman & Sons, c.1930).  #59426
[HLMainPic] Gallipoli (from Aug.-Dec. 1915) then Egypt/Palestine with 54th Div. Rolls of all ranks, noting those killed/died. Orig. blue cloth, cloth spotted o/w VG & very scarce. See illustration on our website.   £90
Egyptian Army List: The Yearly Army List 1923. A Distribution List of Officers on the Active & Disponibilite List of the Army, List of Officers in Possession of Orders, &c. &c. 174pp. Cairo: Government Press. 1923  #63404
[HLMainPic] Rare EA List (just 295 copies printed) containing HQ Staff of the Army, administration of Military Districts, regiments & corps, Military Works Dept. &c. &c., with an Index. Bound in modern green cloth, gilt, VG. See illustration on our website.   £145
Harts Army List: The New Annual Army List & Militia List for 1895. Reprint, VG in dw. Dallington: N&M Press. 1998. Regimental listings & War Services of officers &c., including Royal Marines, Ordnance, Indian Staff Corps & Local Indian Forces. Index. See illustration on our website.  #48982
[HLMainPic]   £20
Historical Records of the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders. Vols. I & II: 1st Ed., xxiv+382 & [vii]+391pp., 4to, 9 col. & 41 b/w plates, 6 maps. Blackwood. 1909  #64656
[HLMainPic] Excellent detailed record inc. Peninsular & Waterloo campaigns, Crimea, Indian Mutiny, Ashanti, Egypt & the Sudan & 2nd Boer War. Detailed services of officers, warrant officers & even some NCOs & men, casualty rolls for all campaigns. Orig. olive green cloth, gilt, both vols. VG & a handsome work. See illustration on our website.   £145
Historical Records of the XXX. Regiment. 1st Ed., ix+283pp. Clowes. 1887  #64337
[HLMainPic] East Lancashire Regt. Campaigns include Egypt 1800, Peninsular War, Waterloo 1815, India 1819-28 inc. siege of Asseerghur &c., Crimean War, &c., "as far as possible made up of the narratives of officers & others who actually served in the operations they describe..." Officers' services details. Orig. yellow cloth, gilt, soiled o/w VG & scarce. See illustration on our website.   £145
The 26th Squadron RE: A History of the Squadron from its Formation in 1855 to the Present. 2nd Ed., corrected & brought up to date, orig. dec. laminated card wraps., [vi]+40pp., oblong 4to, 29 illus., (mostly photos.), 3 maps. The Regt. 1988  #63789
[HLMainPic] Fist published in 1958 & this edition corrected & revised to date of publication. Includes useful illustrated account of, inter al, Nile Expedition 1884-85, Boer War, WW1 Western Front, WW2 BEF 1940 & NW Europe 1944-45, post war Northern Ireland tours in 1972 & 1974. Orig. laminated card wraps., VG & scarce in any edition. See illustration on our website.   £50
The Palestine News. The Weekly Newspaper of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force of the British Army in Occupied Enemy Territory. First Year, No. 42, Thursday, 19th December, 1918. 16pp., tabloid format (40x30cm). Published Every Thursday at GHQ, First Echelon, Palestine.  #62666
[HLMainPic] Includes local (military & civil) & world news, announcement of the forthcoming "Record of the EEF." Worn & fragile but scarce survival.   £35
Work of the Royal Engineers in the European War 1914-19. Water Supply - Egypt & Palestine. 1st Ed., vii+64pp., 6 photos., 10 sketches &c. (some fldg.), further sketches in text, 7 fldg. maps. Chatham: RE Institution. 1921  #63621
[HLMainPic] Typically detailed & well-illustrated survey of a crucial aspect of the advance. Orig. blue cloth, gilt, VG & rare but sp. chipped & worn with loss. See illustration on our website.   £120
[Campaigns in Egypt & The Sudan 1882-1887] The Royal Engineer Journal. 1882-1888. Twenty-two issues: 1/3/82; 1/4/82; 1/5/82; 1/6/82; 1/7/82; 1/9/82; 2/10/82; 1/11/82; 1/1/83; 1/3/83; 2/4/83; 1/11/83; 1/4/84; 1/5/84; 1/1/85; 2/2/85; 1/4/85; 1/8/85; 1/9/85; 1/10/85; 1/4/86; 1/5/86; 1/6/86 & 1/10/88. Around 400pp. in all, with around 20 maps & sketches. Brompton: Woolley & Son. Contemp.  #62922
[HLMainPic] The RE Journal was a monthly publication which commenced in 1870 & ceased in 1904 (when a New Series was started). Until the 1904 it was a "private newspaper" & became the official Corps organ only with the New Series. Alongside, until 1905, the Corps published its own Professional Papers, which in that year became incorporated in the new RE Journal. The original organ contained reports on active operations during the period of the issues, rolls & postings of officers, obituaries, reports from various posts, extracts from both the British & Indian Gazettes, &c. Many contained excellent loosely inserted maps/plans/sketches relating to the content of the issue. The sequence here offered (twenty-two issues, 1882-1888) contains much material on campaigns in Egypt & the Sudan inc. Official Despatches re Bombardment of Alexandria; Kassassin 1882; Tel-el-Kebir (much on this inc. despatches, General Order & Order of March, &c.); Occupation of Suez Canal; Diary of Works Performed by 8th Coy. RE in Egypt; Work of Detachment of Queen's Own Sappers & Miners in Egypt; El Teb with the Suakin Field Force; Work done by RE with Suakin Field Force; Diary of an Officer with the Karthoum Expedition; 17th Fd. Coy. RE at Suakim; Suakin 1885 Field Operations; Water Supply at Suakin; Nile Campaign 1888 & more concerning RE operation, with excellent maps & sketches including First Position at Kafr Dowar; Formation for Attack, Tel-el-Kebir; Arabi Pasha's Order of Battle at Kassassin; Section of Lines at Tel-el-Kebir; diagram of lines at Tel-el-Kebir; sketches of Sand-Bag redoubt near Suakim; diagrams of Forts at Suakin &c. Contents also include other events during the period of these issues, in India, Bechuanaland, &c. These issues loose, rather worn, but excellent source material on Egypt & Sudan campaigns with useful maps & sketches. See illustrations on our website.   £300
ANGLESEY (Marquess of) A History of the British Cavalry 1816-1919. Vol. III: 1872-1898. 1st Ed., 478pp., 61 illus., 18 maps. VG in dw. Cooper. 1982  #64386
[HLMainPic] The now standard history of British Cavalry, this vol. includes Zulu & Transvaal Wars, 2nd Afghan Wars, Egypt & the Sudan, &c. VG in dw. See illustration on our website.   £35

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