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German Airforce & Aircraft Research: A selection of contemp. material c.1942-45 Official correspondence, translations of articles, reports &c., several hundred pp. in all, original or carbon typescript &c.  #45149
[HLMainPic] Including several German translations of articles which appeared in 'Flight' magazine in 1940 & 1941 (one of them prepared by Messerchmidt A.G., Augsburg, duplicated on their stationary); various technical studies &c. in German language, one or two translations of German documents (e.g. Physiological Problems Which Occur When Firing Aircraft Guns - i.e. the effect on air gunners); several photo. plates of German fighter formations; list of documents evacuated from Messerschmidt A.G. by US Military Analysis Division (carbon ts. on Messerchmidt letterhead); report on US interrogation of German physicist Albrecht Maass, &c., large file. See illustration on our website.   £75




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