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D. R. M. [i.e., Donald R. McLaren]
A Silver Lining: The Glasgow Highlanders in France.
The History of the 60th Division (2/2 London Division).
DANE (Edmund)
British Campaigns in the Nearer East 1914-1918, From the Outbreak of War with Turkey to the Armistice. Vol. II: The Tide of Victory.
DANE (Edmund)
British Campaigns in the Near East 1914-1918, From the Outbreak of War with Turkey to the Taking of Jerusalem.
The Royal Hampshire Regiment. Vol. 3: 1918-1954.
4th Hussar: The Story of the 4th Queen's Own Hussars 1685-1958.
Episodes of Anglo-Indian History. A Series of Chapters From the Annals of British India, Showing The Rise & Progress of Our Indian Empire.
DAVIDSON (George, MA, MD, Major, RAMC)
The Incomparable 29th & the "River Clyde."
DAVIDSON (Major H., late 2nd Bn. Seaforth Highlrs.)
History & Services of the 78th Highlanders (Ross-Shire Buffs) 1793-1881.
DAVIES (Harry)
Allanson of the 6th: An Account of the life of Colonel Cecil John Lyons Allanson CMG CIE DSO, 6th Gurkha Rifles, compiled from his diaries, letters & personal papers.
DAVRAY (Henry D.)
Through French Eyes: Britain's Effort.
DAVSON (Lt.-Col. H.M.)
The History of the 35th Division in the Great War.
DAY (Cyril, DCM)
War Diary of Sgt. Cyril Day DCM The Northamptonshire Yeomany, 1914-1919.
DAY (Henry C., MC)
Macedonian Memories.
DAY (Jeffery, Flight-Commander, RNAS)
Poems & Rhymes.
DE LA GRANGE (Baroness Ernest)
Open House in Flanders 1914-1918: Chateau de la Motte au Bois.
DE LISLE (Gen. Sir Beauvoir, KCB, KCMG, DSO)
Reminiscences of Sport & War.
DE RUVIGNY (Marquis)
The Roll of Honour: A Biographical Record of Members of His Majesty's Naval & Military Forces who Fell in the Great War 1914-1918.
DEAN (Capt. C.G.T.)
The Loyal Regiment (North Lancashire) 1919-1953.
DEARDEN (Capt. Harold, RAMC)
Medicine & Duty: A War Diary.
DELAGE (Edmond)
The Tragedy of the Dardanelles.
DELAGE (Edmond)
The Tragedy of the Dardanelles.
The Moods of Ginger Mick.
DENNY (Capt. W.J., MC)
The Diggers.
DENYS (Vere) [Pseud.]
Trench Letters of a Humorist.
With the 2nd Cape Corps thro' Central Africa.
DEVAL (Jacques)
Wooden Swords.
DEVELIN (Sgt.-Major, RE)
Views in Chitral Taken during the Advance of the 3rd Brigade of the Chitral Relief Force under the Command of Brigadier-General W.F. Gatacre, D.S.O., by Sergeant-Major Develin, R.E., 1895.
Albanich: A History of the Galloway Rifle Volunteers.
DEWAR (G.A.B.) & BORASTON (Lt.-Col. J.H.)
Sir Douglas Haig's Command: December 19, 1915-November 11, 1918.
DEWAR (George A.B.)
The Great Munition Feat 1914-1918.
DICKSON (Brig.-Gen. W.E.R., CMG, CIE)
East Persia: A Backwater of The Great War.
DIFFORD (Capt. Ivor D.)
The Story of the 1st Battalion Cape Corps (1915-1919).
Merry Hell! A Dane with the Canadians.
DINESON (Lt. Thomas, VC)
Merry Hell! A Dane with the Canadians.
History of the Volunteer Movement in Cheshire 1914-1920.
DIXON (Alec)
Tinned Soldier: A Personal Record, 1919-1926.
DIXON (W. Macneile)
The Fleets Behind the Fleet: The Work of the Merchant Seamen & Fishermen in the War.
DOBSON (Lt.-Col. B.P., TD, late Cmdg. 53rd E. Lancs. RFA)
History of the Bolton Artillery 1860-1928.
A History of the 58th Surrey Battalion Home Guard.
DODWELL (Edward) & MILES (James Samuel) Comp. & Eds.
Alphabetical List of the Honourable East India Company's Madras Civil Servants from the Year 1780, to the Year 1839. Distinguishing, With Dates, The Several High & Important Offices Held by Them During Their Official Career; Also the Dates of Their Retirement, Resignation or Death. To Which is Attached a List of the Governors-General of India, From the Year 1773, to the Year 1839; With the Dates of Their Appointments, When They Assumed, & When Quitted, The Government. Also a List of the East India Directors... From the Year 1788, to the Year 1839.
DOMARUS (Dr. Max) Comp.
Hitler: Reden und Proklamationen 1932-1945.
Behind the Scenes at German Headquarters.
Last Flight from Singapore.
British Military Administration in the Far East 1943-46.
Civil Affairs and Military Government: Central Organization & Planning.
DONOHOE (Major M.H.)
With the Persian Expedition.
The "Last Post" Being a Roll of All Officers... Who Gave Their Lives for Their Queen, King & Country in the South African War, 1899-1902.
The New Zealand Army, A Bibliography.
DOUGLAS (Sir George) & RAMSAY (Sir George Dalhousie) Eds.
The Panmure Papers: Being a Selection from the Correspondence of Fox Maule, Second Baron Panmure...&c.
DOUIE (Charles)
The Weary Road: Recollections of a Subaltern of infantry.
DOULTON (Lt.-Col. A.J.F., OBE)
The Fighting Cock: Being the History of the 23rd Indian Division 1942-1947.
DOWN ([William] Oliphant)
Poems by the Late Capt. Oliphant Down, M.C., 4th Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment.
DOWNING (W.H., [MM], late AIF)
To The Last Ridge.
Downside & the War 1914-1919.
DREW (Lt. H.T.B.) Ed.
The War Effort of New Zealand: A Popular History of (a) Minor Campaigns in which New Zealanders took part (b) Services not fully dealt with in the Campaign Volumes (c) The Work at the Bases.
DREW (Lt.-Col. G.A.)
Canada's Fighting Airmen.
DU VAL (Charles, late of the Carbineers, &c.)
With A Show through Southern Africa, & Personal Reminiscences of the Transvaal War.
DUFF (James Grant, Capt. in the 1st Regt BNI, &c.)
History of the Mahrattas.
DUGDALE (Capt. Geoffrey, MC)
"Langemarck" & "Cambrai" - A War Narrative 1914-1918.
DUGUID (Col. A. Fortescue, DSO)
Official History of the Canadian Forces in the Great War. General Series, Vol. I: From the Outbreak of War to the Formation of the Canadian Corps, August 1914-Sept. 1915.
DUHAMEL (Dr. Georges)
Civilization 1914-1917.
DUNCAN (Rev. James, MA, CF)
With the C.L.B. Battalion in France.
DUNDAS of DUNDAS (Adml. Sir Charles, KCMG)
An Admiral's Yarns: Stray Memories of Fifty Years.
Lieutenant-General Sir Ralph Abercromby K.B. 1793-1801: A Memoir by His Son.
DUNN (Lt. E.A.)
Three Anzacs in the War.
DUNN-PATTISON (R.P., late Lt., 91st)
The History of the 91st Argyllshire Highlanders, now 1st Bn. Princess Louise's (Argyll & Sutherland) Highlanders.
The Adventures of Dunsterforce.
DURAND (H.M., CSI, Bengal Civil Service)
The Life of Major-General Sir Henry Marion Durand, KCSI, CB, of the Royal Engineers.
DURAND (Major A.T.M., TD) & HASTINGS (Major R.H.W.S., DSO, OBE, MC)
The London Rifle Brigade 1919-1950.
DURAND (Sir H. Mortimer)
The 13th Hussars in the Great War.
The Life of Field-Marshal Sir George White, V.C., G.C.B., G.C.S.I., G.C.M.G., G.C.V.O., G.C.I.E., O.M., D.C.L., LL.D.
DURELL (Rev. J.C.V., BD)
Whizzbangs & Woodbines: Tales of Work & Play on the Western Front.
The War Record of Old Dunelmians 1914-1919.
The Tunnellers of Holzminden (With a Side-Issue).
DYER (Brig.-Gen. R.E.H., CB)
The Raiders of the Sarhad: Being the Account of a Campaign of Arms & Bluff Against the Brigands of the Persian-Baluchi Border during the Great War.

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