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G.S.O. [Pseud. of FOX (Sir Frank)]
G.H.Q. (Montreuil-sur-Mer).
GAILEY (Col. I.B.) et al. Comps.
An Account of the Territorials in Northern Ireland 1947-1978.
With the 2/4th Wilts to India 1914-1919.
GARDNER (Nikolas)
Trial by Fire: Command & the British Expeditionary Force in 1914.
GASCOIGNE (No. 7921915 Staff Sgt. William E., RAMC)
Behind the Wire.
Sons of John Company: The Indian & Pakistan Armies 1903-91.
An Outline of the War History of the 240th (1st South Midland: Gloucestershire) Brigade, R.F.A. (T).
GEE (Sgt. A.E., MM) & SHAW (Cpl. A.E.)
A Record of D245 Battery 1914-1919.
GEE (Sgt. A.E., MM) & SHAW (Cpl. A.E.)
A Record of D245 Battery 1914-1919.
GELBER (Prof. Harry G.)
Opium, Soldiers & Evangelicals: England's 1840-42 War with China, & its Aftermath.
Roll of Honour In Memory of the Employees of The General Electric Company, Ltd. & its Allied Companies Who Gave Their Lives in the Great War 1914-1919.
GEOGHEGAN (Brig.-Gen. Stannus, CB)
The Campaigns & History of the Royal Irish Regiment. Vol. II: From 1900-1922.
History of the 1st Battalion 8th Punjab Regiment.
The 42nd (East Lancashire) Division 1914-1918.
The Red Knight of Germany: Baron von Richthofen, Germany's Great War Airman.
The Epic of Leningrad.
GIBBS (Lt.-Col. H.R.K.)
Historical Record of the 6th Gurkha Rifles. Volume II, 1919-1948.
GIBBS (Philip)
From Bapaume to Passchendaele 1917.
GIBBS (Philip) & GRANT (Bernard)
Adventures of War With Cross & Crescent.
A Record of the 203rd Field Company (Cambs.) Royal Engineers 1915-1919.
GIBSON (Ashley)
Postscript to Adventure.
GILBERT (Major Vivian)
The Romance of the Last Crusade: With Allenby to Jerusalem.
GILLAM (Major John Graham, DSO)
Gallipoli Diary.
GILLON (Capt. S.)
The King's Own Scottish Borderers in the Great War.
GLADSTONE (Viscount)
William G.C. Gladstone, A Memoir.
Irish Aces of the RFC & RAF in the First World War: The Lives Behind the Legends.
GLEICHEN (Brig.-Gen. Count Edward)
The Doings of the Fifteenth Infantry Brigade, August 1914 to March 1915.
GLEICHEN (Capt. Count, Grenadier Guards)
With the Mission to Menelik 1897.
GODFREY (Capt. E.G.)
The "Cast-Iron Sixth" A History of the 6th Bn. London Regiment (The City of London Rifles).
GODLEY (Gen. Sir Alexander, GCB, KCMG)
Life of an Irish Soldier.
Historical Records of the 91st Argyllshire Highlanders, now the 1st Bn. Princess Louise's Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders. Containing an account of the Formation of the Regiment in 1794, & of its subsequent services to 1881.
GOLDMANN (Charles Sydney)
With General French & The Cavalry in South Africa.
GOMAA (Dr. Ahmed M.)
The Foundation of the League of Arab States: Wartime Diplomacy & Inter-Arab Politics, 1941 to 1945.
GON (Philip)
The Road to Isandlwana: the Years of an Imperial Battalion.
Umpteen Yarns Collected from Somewhere in France. tales.
GOODMAN (Michael S.)
The Official History of the Joint Intelligence Committee. Volume I: From the Approach of the Second World War to the Suez Crisis.
Palestine Memories 1917-1918-1925.
The Unreturning Army: A Field Gunner in Flanders 1917-1918.
GORDON (Hampden)
The War Office.
GORDON (Surgeon Genl. Sir Charles, KCB)
Recollections of Thirty-Nine Years in the Army.
GORMAN (Capt. Eugene, MC)
With The Twenty-Second - A History of the Twenty-Second Battalion, A.I.F.
GOSSE (Philip)
Memoirs of a Camp Follower.
GOSSE (Philip)
Memoirs of a Camp Follower.
GOUGH (Brig. Guy F., DSO, MC)
Thirty Days to Dunkirk: The Royal Irish Fusiliers, May 1940.
GOULD (L. McLeod, MSM)
From B.C. to Baisieux: Being the Narrative History of the 102nd Canadian Infantry Battalion.
GOULD (Lt.-Col. J.A., MC)
A Short History of the 19th County of London (S.S. Gas Coy.) Bn. Home Guard.
The Story of the Fighting 26th: New Brunswick's One Infantry Unit in the Greatest War of all the Ages.
GOULDEN (O.A.) et al.
From Trombay to Changi: The Story of Arakan Coastal Forces.
GOURKO (Gen. Basil)
Memories & Impressions of War & Revolution in Russia 1914-1917.
GOWING (Sgt. Maj. T.)
A Soldier's Experience, or A Voice from the Ranks: Showing the Cost of War in Blood & Treasure. A Personal Narrative of the Crimean Campaign, from the Standpoint of the Ranks; The Indian Mutiny, & some of its Atrocities; The Afghan Campaigns of 1863. Slso Sketches of the Lives & Deaths of Sir H. Havelock, KCB, & Capt. Hedley Vicars. Together with Some Things Not Generally Known. By one of the Royal Fusiliers.
GRAHAM ([Lt.-Col.] A.)
Sharpshooters at War: 3rd, 4th & 3rd/4th County of London Yeomanry 1939-45.
GRAHAM (Col. H.)
History of the Sixteenth, The Queen's Light Dragoons (Lancers) 1912-1925.
GRAHAM (John Murray)
Memoir of General Lord Lynedoch GCB.
GRAHAM (John Murray)
Memoir of Lord Lynedoch, G.C.B.
GRAHAM (Stephen)
Life & Last Words of Wilfred Ewart.
GRAHAM (Stephen)
A Private in the Guards.
GRAHAM (William)
Travels Through Portugal & Spain, During the Peninsular War.
GRANT (Capt. B.S.H.)
Memories of Flanders (1914-1919).
GRANT (D.F., MC, late Major, RFA)
The History of "A" Battery 84th Army Brigade Royal Field Artillery 1914-1919.
GRAVES (Robert)
Goodbye to All That: An Autobiography.
Robert Graves: His Life & Works.
GRAY (Albert)
Patrick Walworth Gray: The Record of a Boy's Life ended in the Great War, written by His Father.
GRAY (Frank)
The Confessions of a Private.
GRAY (Fred A.)
Airborne Engineers: A History of 9 Independent Airborne/Parachute Squadron RE 1948-1984.
The War Book of Gray's Inn: Containing Names of Members who served, with Biographical Notices of those who Fell... &c.
GREEN (Arthur)
The Story of a Prisoner of War.
A Memorial Record of the Men of Greenock who Fell in the Great War, 1914-1918.
55th Surrey (Sutton & Cheam) Home Guard: An Historical Survey.
An Infant in Arms: War Letters of a Company Officer 1914-1918.
GREGORY (Capt. E.C.)
History of the Sixth Bn. West Yorkshire Regiment, Vol. II: 2/6th Bn.
GRETTON (Lt.-Col. G. le M.) & GEOGHEGAN (Brig.-Gen. Stannus, CB)
The Campaigns & History of the Royal Irish Regiment.
GREY (Jeffrey)
The Commonwealth Armies & the Korean War: An Alliance Study.
GREY (Major W.E.)
The 2nd City of London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers) in the Great War 1914-19.
The Politics of Manpower, 1914-18.
Sussex in the First World War.
GRIMWADE (Capt. F. Clive)
The War History of the 4th Battalion The London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers) 1914-1919.
GRIMWOOD (Ethel St. Clair)
My Three Years in Manipur & Escape from the Recent Mutiny.
Wind in the Wires.
The Somme, including also The Coward.
GRONOW (Capt. [Rees Howell, formerly 1st Foot Guards])
The Reminiscences & Recollections of Captain Gronow: Being Anecdotes of The Camp, Court, Clubs & Society 1810-1860.
Poor Bloody Infantry: A Memoir of the First World War.
GROVES (Lt.-Col. Percy)
History of the 91st Princess Louise's Argyllshire Highlanders, Now the 1st Battalion Princess Louise's Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders 1794-1894.
GROVES (Lt.-Col. Percy)
History of the 93rd Sutherland Highlanders, Now the 2nd Battalion Princess Louise's Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders 1800-1895.
GROVES (Lt.-Col. Percy)
History of the 93rd Sutherland Highlanders, Now the 2nd Battalion Princess Louise's Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders 1800-1895.
Kent Home Guard: A History.
GUNNING (Capt. Hugh)
Borderers in Battle: The War Story of the King's Own Scottish Borderers 1939-1945.
Official History of the Indian Armed Forces in the Second World War 1939-45. History of the Indian Air Force 1933-45.
GURNER (Ronald)
Pass Guard at Ypres.
GURNER (Ronald)
Pass Guard at Ypres.
GURWOOD (Lt.-Col. J.) Ed.
Selections from the Dispatches & General Orders of Field Marshal The Duke of Wellington.
GUY (Alan J.) & BOYDEN (Peter B.)
Soldiers of the Raj: The Indian Army 1600-1947.

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