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LADD (James)
Assault from the Sea 1939-1945: The Craft, The Landings, The Men.
LAKE (Harold)
In Salonica with Our Army.
Over The Top: A P.B.I. in the H.A.C.
John Jacob of Jacobabad.
LANDON (Perceval)
The Opening of Tibet: An Account of Lhasa & The Country & People of Central Tibet & of the Progress of the Mission Sent There by the English Government in the Year 1903-4.
LANGSTAFF (117433 Dvr. C.K., RASC)
Diary of a Driver With the R.A.S.C in Britain & in France, 1939-1940.
LATHAM (Bryan, MM)
A Territorial Soldier's War.
LAUDER (Harry)
A Minstrel in France.
LAURIE (Col. W.F.B.)
Sketches of Some Distinguished Anglo-Indians.
LAURIE (Lt.-Col. G.B.)
History of the Royal Irish Rifles.
LAVERY (F.) Comp.
Irish Heroes in the War.
LAWFORD (Lt.-Col. J.P., MC) & CATTO (Major W.E.) Eds.
Solah Punjab: The History of the 16th Punjab Regiment.
A Cameronian Officer: Being a Memoir of Lieutenant James Burnett Lawson, Second Cameronians (Scottish Rifles).
Defeating Mau Mau.
LEASK (Maj. Gen Anthony)
Putty: From Tel-El-Kebir to Cambrai: The Life & Letters of Lieutenant General Sir William Pulteney, 1861-1941.
LEE (L/Cpl. Joseph, 1/4th Black Watch)
Ballads of Battle.
LEED (Prof. Eric J.)
No Man's land: Combat & Identity in World War 1.
LEEKE (Rev. William, MA)
History of Lord Seaton's Regiment (The 52nd Light Infantry) at the Battle of Waterloo; Together With Various Incidents Connected with That Regiment, Not Only at Waterloo, but Also at Paris, in the North of France, & For Several Years Afterwards: To Which Are Added Many of The Author's Reminiscences of His Military & Clerical Careers, During a Period of More Than Fifty Years. [Together with:] A Supplement to The History of Lord Seaton's Regiment (The 52nd Light Infantry) at The Battle of Waterloo.
LEEMING (Raymond)
And Maybe a Man: With the Royal Signals of the Sixth Airborne Division 1943-1946.
Panzers in Normandy Then & Now.
LEGGE-BOURKE ([Major] Henry)
The Brigade of Guards on Ceremonial Occasions.
LEIGH (Dell)
The Vigil, And Other Studies in Khaki.
LEIGH (Howard)
Planes of the Great War.
LELAND (Lt.-Col. F.W., CBE, DSO)
With the M.T. in Mesopotamia.
LELAND (Waldo G.) & MERENESS (Newton G.) Comps.
Introduction to the American Official Sources For the Economic & Social History of the World War.
The Cauldron Boils.
LESLIE (Shane) Ed.
Memoirs of Brigadier-General Gordon Shephard, DSO, MC.
My Reminiscences of East Africa.
My Reminiscences of East Africa.
LEVY (Stanley J.)
Memories of the 71st & 83rd Companies, R.A.S.C., M.T., 1914-1918.
LEWIN (Ronald)
Man of Armour: A Study of Lieut.-General Vyvyan Pope & the Development of Armoured Warfare.
LEWIS (Cecil, MC)
Sagittarius Rising.
LIDDELL HART ([Capt. Basil])
The War in Outline 1914-1918.
The Tanks: The History of the Royal Tank Regiment & its predecessors, Heavy Branch Machine Gun Corps, Tank Corps & Royal Tank Corps 1914-1945.
The Tanks: The History of the Royal Tank Regiment & its predecessors, Heavy Branch Machine Gun Corps, Tank Corps & Royal Tank Corps 1914-1945.
LIDDLE (Peter)
Men of Gallipoli: The Dardanelles & Gallipoli Experience Aug. 1914-Jan. 1916.
On Guard: A History of the 10th (Torbay) Battalion Devonshire Home Guard.
Escape from Crete: Being the Personal Narrative of a Prisoner of War on the Island of Crete & His Escape by Submarine to Alexandria.
Rediscovering Irregular Warfare: Colin Gubbins & the Origins of Briatian's Special Operations Executive.
LINDSAY (Lt.-Col. J.H.)
The London Scottish in the Great War.
The Campaign in Italy.
My Seventy-Five: Journal of a French Gunner (August-September 1914).
My Seventy-Five: Journal of a French Gunner (August-September 1914).
Staff Tales.
LIPSCOMBE (Mechanist Sergt-Major G., RASC)
The Peregrinations of the 34th Divisional (M.T.) Coy. (179 Coy. R.A.S.C.) During The Great War of 1914-1919.
The Blazing Trail of Flanders.
Portraits of Lloyd's Men Whose Names Appear on Lloyd's War Memorial.
LOCK (Major H.O.)
With the British Army in the Holy Land.
LONG (Gavin)
Australia in the War of 1939-1945, Army. Vol. I: To Benghazi.
LONG (P.W., MM, Flight Sgt. RAF)
Other Ranks of Kut.
The Old Sixteenth: Being a Record of the 16th Battalion, A.I.F., During the Great War, 1914-1918.
LONGMORE (Capt. Cyril)
"Eggs-A-Cook": The Story of the Forty-Fourth [Bn. A.I.F.].
LONGRIDGE (James A., M. Inst. CE)
Modern Ordnance: A Letter to the Secretary of State for War [Bound with:] Further Remarks on Our Ordnance Administration.
LOWE (Lt.-Col. W.D., DSO, MC)
War History of the 18th (S) Bn. Durham Light Infantry.
LOWRY (Michael)
Fighting Through to Kohima: A Memoir of War in India & Burma.
Diary of a Nursing Sister on the Western Front 1914-1915.
LUCAS (Sir Charles)
The Empire At War. Volume I.
My War Memories 1914-1918.
The General Staff & Its Problems: The History of the Relations between the High Command & the German Imperial Government.
LUMLEY (Capt. L.R.)
History of the Eleventh Hussars (Prince Albert's Own) 1908-1934.
Himmler's Black Order: A History of the SS, 1923-45.
LYON (P.H.B., MC, Lieut., 6th Bn. The Durham L.I.)
Songs of Youth & War.
LYON (T.M.) ["Private Leo"]
More Adventures In Kilt & Khaki: Sketches of the Glasgow Highlanders & Others in France.
LYTTELTON (Gen. Sir Neville, GCB, GCVO)
Eighty Years: Soldiering, Politics, Games.



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