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LADD (James)
Assault from the Sea 1939-1945: The Craft, The Landings, The Men.
Over The Top: A P.B.I. in the H.A.C.
John Jacob of Jacobabad.
LANDON (Perceval)
The Opening of Tibet: An Account of Lhasa & The Country & People of Central Tibet & of the Progress of the Mission Sent There by the English Government in the Year 1903-4.
LAUDER (Harry)
A Minstrel in France.
LAUDER (Harry)
A Minstrel in France.
LAURIE (Col. W.F.B.)
Sketches of Some Distinguished Anglo-Indians.
LAURIE (Lt.-Col. G.B.)
History of the Royal Irish Rifles.
LAURIE (Lt.-Col. G.B.)
History of the Royal Irish Rifles.
LAVERY (F.) Comp.
Irish Heroes in the War.
LAWS (Lt.-Col. M.E.S., OBE, MC, RA)
Battery Records of the Royal Artillery 1716-1859.
LAWS (Lt.-Col. M.E.S., OBE, MC, RA)
Battery Records of the Royal Artillery Vol. II 1859-1877.
Defeating Mau Mau.
LEASK (Maj. Gen Anthony)
Putty: From Tel-El-Kebir to Cambrai: The Life & Letters of Lieutenant General Sir William Pulteney, 1861-1941.
LEDWIDGE (Francis)
Last Songs.
LEE (L/Cpl. Joseph, 1/4th Black Watch)
Ballads of Battle.
LEED (Prof. Eric J.)
No Man's land: Combat & Identity in World War 1.
LEEKE (Rev. William, MA)
History of Lord Seaton's Regiment (The 52nd Light Infantry) at the Battle of Waterloo; Together With Various Incidents Connected with That Regiment, Not Only at Waterloo, but Also at Paris, in the North of France, & For Several Years Afterwards: To Which Are Added Many of The Author's Reminiscences of His Military & Clerical Careers, During a Period of More Than Fifty Years. [Together with:] A Supplement to The History of Lord Seaton's Regiment (The 52nd Light Infantry) at The Battle of Waterloo.
Panzers in Normandy Then & Now.
LEGGE-BOURKE ([Major] Henry)
The Brigade of Guards on Ceremonial Occasions.
LEIGH (Dell)
The Vigil, And Other Studies in Khaki.
LEIGH (Howard)
Planes of the Great War.
LELAND (Lt.-Col. F.W., CBE, DSO)
With the M.T. in Mesopotamia.
LELAND (Waldo G.) & MERENESS (Newton G.) Comps.
Introduction to the American Official Sources For the Economic & Social History of the World War.
The Cauldron Boils.
LESLIE (Shane) Ed.
Memoirs of Brigadier-General Gordon Shephard, DSO, MC.
My Reminiscences of East Africa.
My Reminiscences of East Africa.
LEVY (Stanley J.)
Memories of the 71st & 83rd Companies, R.A.S.C., M.T., 1914-1918.
LEWIN (Ronald)
Man of Armour: A Study of Lieut.-General Vyvyan Pope & the Development of Armoured Warfare.
LEWIS (Cecil, MC)
Sagittarius Rising.
LIDDELL HART ([Capt. Basil])
The War in Outline 1914-1918.
The Tanks: The History of the Royal Tank Regiment & its predecessors, Heavy Branch Machine Gun Corps, Tank Corps & Royal Tank Corps 1914-1945.
LIDDLE (Peter)
Men of Gallipoli: The Dardanelles & Gallipoli Experience Aug. 1914-Jan. 1916.
On Guard: A History of the 10th (Torbay) Battalion Devonshire Home Guard.
Escape from Crete: Being the Personal Narrative of a Prisoner of War on the Island of Crete & His Escape by Submarine to Alexandria.
Rediscovering Irregular Warfare: Colin Gubbins & the Origins of Briatian's Special Operations Executive.
LINDSAY (Capt. D.M.) et al.
Regimental History of the 6th Royal Battalion (Scinde) 13th Frontier Force Rifles, 1843-1934.
LINDSAY (Lt.-Col. J.H.)
The London Scottish in the Great War.
The Campaign in Italy.
My Seventy-Five: Journal of a French Gunner (August-September 1914).
My Seventy-Five: Journal of a French Gunner (August-September 1914).
LIPSCOMBE (Mechanist Sergt-Major G., RASC)
The Peregrinations of the 34th Divisional (M.T.) Coy. (179 Coy. R.A.S.C.) During The Great War of 1914-1919.
The Blazing Trail of Flanders.
Portraits of Lloyd's Men Whose Names Appear on Lloyd's War Memorial.
The Fighting 10th: Souvenir of the 10th Battalion, A.I.F., 1914-1918.
LONG (Gavin)
Australia in the War of 1939-1945, Army. Vol. I: To Benghazi.
The Old Sixteenth: Being a Record of the 16th Battalion, A.I.F., During the Great War, 1914-1918.
LONGMORE (Capt. Cyril)
"Eggs-A-Cook": The Story of the Forty-Fourth [Bn. A.I.F.].
LONGRIDGE (James A., M. Inst. CE)
Modern Ordnance: A Letter to the Secretary of State for War [Bound with:] Further Remarks on Our Ordnance Administration.
LOWE (Lt.-Col. W.D., DSO, MC)
War History of the 18th (S) Bn. Durham Light Infantry.
LUCAS (Sir Charles)
The Empire At War. Volume I.
My War Memories 1914-1918.
The General Staff & Its Problems: The History of the Relations between the High Command & the German Imperial Government.
LUMLEY (Capt. L.R.)
History of the Eleventh Hussars (Prince Albert's Own) 1908-1934.
Himmler's Black Order: A History of the SS, 1923-45.
LYON (P.H.B., MC, Lieut., 6th Bn. The Durham L.I.)
Songs of Youth & War.
LYON (T.M.) ["Private Leo"]
More Adventures In Kilt & Khaki: Sketches of the Glasgow Highlanders & Others in France.
LYTTELTON (Gen. Sir Neville, GCB, GCVO)
Eighty Years: Soldiering, Politics, Games.
LYTTON (Major Hon. Neville)
The Press & the General Staff.



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