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Family Quartette.
RAWLINS (Cosmo W.H.)
Fanti & Ashanti: Three Papers Read on Board SS Ambriz on the Voyage to the Gold Coast.
BRACKENBURY (Capt. Henry, RA) & HUYSHE (Capt. G.L.)
Farewell of the 20th Sussex Bn. Home Guard. 3rd December 1944.
Fear, & Be Slain: Adventures by Land, Sea & Air.
SEELY (Gen. Jack)
Field Almanac 1917.
Field Exercise 1862. Pocket Edition. By Authority.
Field Notes on the Belgian, French & German Armies. Prepared by the General Staff, War Office. 1914.
Field Notes on the Belgian, French & German Armies. Prepared by the General Staff, War Office. 1914.
Field Notes on the Belgian, French & German Armies. Prepared by the General Staff, War Office. 1914.
Field Service Regulations Vol. II. Operations. 1924.
Field Service Regulations Volume I. Organization & Administration. 1930. Reprinted with Amendments (Nos. 1-11) 1939.
Field-Marshal Earl Haig.
[HAIG (FM Sir Douglas)] CHARTERIS (Brig.-Gen. John, CMG, DSO)
Field-Marshal Earl Haig.
HAIG (FM Sir Douglas): CHARTERIS (Brig.-Gen. John, CMG, DSO)
Field-Marshal Sir Donald Stewart, GCB, GCSI, CIE: An Account of His Life Mainly in His Own Words.
Fields of Memory: A Testimony to the Great War.
ROZE (Anne)
Fifteen Rounds a Minute: The Grenadiers at War 1914.
Fifty Years of Public Service.
GRIFFITHS (Major A., late 63rd Regt.)
Fighter Pilot: A Self Portrait.
BARCLAY (George)
Fighting EOKA: The British Counter-Insurgency Campaign on Cyprus, 1955-1959.
FRENCH (David)
Fighting in Flanders.
POWELL (E. Alexander)
Fighting Tanks: An Account of the Tank Corps in Action 1914-1919.
Fighting to the Finish: The Australian Army & The Vietnam War, 1968-1975.
EKINS (Ashley) & MCNEILL (Ian)
Fire Over England: The German Air Raids of WW1.
Fire-Power: British Army Weapons & Theories of War 1904-1945.
BIDWELL (Brig. Shelford) & GRAHAM (Dominick)
First In the Indian Skies.
FRANKS (Norman)
Fisher of Kilverstone.
MACKAY (Ruddock F.)
Fisher, Churchill & The Dardanelles.
Fisrt Army Intelligence Summary.-No. 286. Saturday, 23rd October, 1915. [Together with:] First Corps Intelligence Summary, 23rd October, 1915.
CHARTERIS (Lt.-Col. John, Gen. Staff, 1st Army)
Flash Spotters & Sound Rangers: How They Lived, Worked & Fought in the Great War.
INNES (John R.)
Flying Section 17
HEYDEMARCK (Capt. [George Wilhelm] Haupt)
Folkestone During the War: A Record of the Town's Life & Work.
For Dauntless France: An Account of Britain's Aid to the French Wounded & Victims of the War.
BINYON (Laurence)
For Queen and Country.
For Remembrance & In Honour of Those who Lost Their Lives in the South African War 1899-1902. Lest We Forget.
GILDEA (Col. Sir James, KCVO, CB)
For Valour: The History of Southern Africa's Victoria Cross Heroes.
UYS (Ian S.)
Foreign Labor in Nazi Germany.
HOMZE (Edward L.)
Forsaken: Confessions of a Priest Who Returned.
BOWEN (Stephen) [Pseud. of Stephen Bowen Jones]
Four Years on the Western Front by a Rifleman: Being the Experiences of a Ranker in the London Rifle Brigade, 4th, 3rd & 56th Divisions.
SMITH (Aubrey M. Bowes-)
Fourth Army Headquarters Memorial to General Lord Rawlinson.
Fourth Canadian Infantry Brigade. History of Operations April, 1915, to Demobilization.
PARKER (Major J.A.) Comp.
France Sheet 51bSE 1:20,000 Ed. 5A (Local).
France Sheet 51bSW Ed. 2C. 1:20,000.
France Sheet 62cSE Ed. 4B (Local). 1:20,000.
France Sheet 66cNW Ed. 2A. 1:20,000.
French Replies to Haig.
FRENCH (Maj. The Hon. Gerald, DSO)
From Chauffeur to Brigadier.
BAKER-CARR (Brig.-Gen. C.D., CMG, DSO)
From Czar to Bolshevik.
From Dartmouth to the Dardanelles: A Midshipman's Log Edited by His Mother.
From Khaki to Cloth: Autobiography.
From Korti to Khartum: A Journal of the Desert March from Korti to Ganat & of the Ascent of the Nile in General Gordon's Steamers.
WILSON (Col. Sir Charles W., KCB, KCMG, RE)
From Mons to Loos: Being the Diary of a Supply Officer.
From Mons to Ypres with French: A Personal Narrative.
COLEMAN (Frederic)
From Montreal to Vimy Ridge & Beyond: The Correspondence of Lieut. Clifford Almon Wells BA of the 8th Bn. Canadians, BEF, Nov. 1915-April 1917.
From Ploegsteert to Graudenz: The Story of a Prisoner-of-War.
CUST (L.G.A., Lieut., RFA)
From President to Prison.
From Rideau to the Rhine & Back: The 6th Field Company & Battalion Canadian Engineers in the Great War.
WEATHERBE (Major K.) Comp.
From the Black Mountain to Waziristan: Being an Account of the Border Countries & the More Turbulent of the Tribes Controlled by the North-West Frontier Province, & of our Military Relations with them in the Past.
WYLLY (Col. H.C., CB)
From the Dreadnought to Scapa Flow: The Royal Navy in the Fisher Era.
MARDER (Arthur J.)
From the Uttermost Ends of the Earth: The New Zealand Division on the Western Front 1916-1918, A History & Guide to its Battlefields.
GRAY (Brig. John H., CBE, ED)
From Vimy Ridge to the Rhine: The Great War Letters of Christopher Stone DSO, MC.
From Vimy Ridge to the Rhine: The Great War Letters of Christopher Stone DSO, MC.
Frontier Scouts.
Frontier Warfare - India (Army & Royal Air Force).
Fusilier Bluff: The Experiences of an Unprofessional Soldier in the Near East.
[VULLIAMY (Colwyn Edward)]



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