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I Serve: Regimental History of the 3rd Carabiniers (Prince of Wales's Dragoon Guards).
OATTS (Lt.-Col. L.B., DSO)
I'm Alone.
RANDELL (Capt. Jack)
If Germany Attacks: The Battle in Depth in the West.
WYNNE (Capt. G.C.)
If Germany Attacks: The Battle in Depth in the West. Development of the German Defence in Depth on the Western Front in the First World War.
WYNNE (Capt. G.C.)
Imperial Gazetteer of India. Provincial Series. United Provinces of Agra & Oudh: Vol. II: The Allahabad, Benares, Gorakhpur, Kumaun, Lucknow, & Fyzabad Divisions, & The Native States.
Imperial German Army 1914-18: Organisation, Structure, Orders-of-Battle.
CRON (Hermann)
Impressions & Recollections.
CROZIER (Brig.-Gen. F.P., CB, CMG, DSO)
In Araby Orion.
In Brigands' Hands & Turkish Prisons 1914-1918.
In Kultured Kaptivity: Life & Death in Germany's Prison Camps & Hospitals.
ROSSITER (Ivan, of the 1st & 3rd Canadian Mounted Rifles)
In Kut & Captivity with the Sixth Indian Division.
SANDES (Major E.W.C., MC, RE)
In Memory of The Bihar Light Horse. A Concise History... Taken from Disney's, Filgate's & Kemp's Histories.
MUNNS (Ferres A.C.) Comp.
In Mesopotamia.
SWAYNE (Martin)
In the Clouds Above Baghdad: Being the Records of an Air Commander.
TENNANT (Lt.-Col. J.E., DSO, MC)
In the Hands of the Enemy: Being the Experiences of a Prisoner of War.
O'RORKE (Rev. B.G., CF)
In the Hands of the Enemy: Being the Experiences of a Prisoner of War.
O'RORKE (Rev. B.G., CF)
In the Hell of Verdun.
HEIN (Alfred)
In the Wake of the Tank: The First Fifteen Years of Mechanisation in the British Army.
MARTEL ((Lt.-Gen. Sir Gifford LeQ., KCB, KBE, DSO, MC)
In the Wake: The Birth of the Indian & Pakistan Navies.
In War-Zone Ports, or Sketches of Work among the Seamen of Britain essayed by The Missions to Seamen during the Great War in some of those Ports in the United Kingdom & France which were vital to the Allied Arms.
POTTER (Ernest C., MA)
Independent Force: The War Diary of the Daylight Squadrons of the Independent Air Force June-November 1918.
India & The British Empire.
PEERS (Douglas M.) & GOOPTO (Nandini)
India & the War.
India As I Knew It, 1885-1925.
O'DWYER (Sir Michael)
India in 1858: A Summary of The Existing Administration, Political, Fiscal, & Judicial, of British India; Together with the Laws & Public Documents Relating Thereto, from the Earliest to the Present Time.
MILLS (Arthur, MP)
India's Army.
JACKSON (Major Donovan)
India's Paratroopers (A History of the Parachute Regiment of India).
PRAVAL (Major K.C.)
India's War: The Making of Modern South Asia 1939-1945.
RAGHAVAN (Srinath)
MENPES (Mortimer)
India. A Collection of Postcard Views of British Barracks & other Military Buildings & Amenities at the height of the Raj; also some topographical views of the NWF &c.
Indian Army Through the Ages.
SHARMA (Lt.-Col. Gautam)
Indian Frontier Warfare.
YOUNGHUSBAND (Capt. & Bt. Major G.J.)
Influence of the Experience of the Siege of Port Arthur upon the Construction of Modern Fortresses.
Inside Both Indias, 1914-1938: Working in British India & The Princely States with men & women who were laying the foundations of the India, Pakistan, & Bangladesh of Today.
Instruction Militaire du Roi de Prusse, Pour ses Generaux.
Instructions Relating to the Conveyance of Troops & to the Issue of Travelling Warrants.
Introduction to the American Official Sources For the Economic & Social History of the World War.
LELAND (Waldo G.) & MERENESS (Newton G.) Comps.
Iraq & Syria 1941.
WARNER (Geoffrey)
Ireland's Unknown Soldiers: The 16th Irish Division in the Great War 1914-1918.
Irish Aces of the RFC & RAF in the First World War: The Lives Behind the Legends.
Irish Heroes in the War.
LAVERY (F.) Comp.
Is it Beneath the Dignity of a Nation to Employ Foreign Soldiers?
Island at War: The Remarkable Role Played by the Small Manx Nation in the Great War 1914-18.
WEST (Margery)
It's Only Me: A Life of the Reverend Theodore Bayley Hardy, VC, DSO, MC, 1863-1918, Vicar of Hutton Roof, Westmoreland.
RAW (David)
Italy & The Great War: From Neutrality to Intervention.
Italy's Part in the War.
Its Really Quite Safe.



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