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Radical General: Sir George de Lacy Evans 1787-1870.
SPIERS (Edward M.)
Radinghem. Sheet 36SW2 Ed. 6 (Redrawn) C 1:10,000.
Raiders Approach! The Fighting Tradition of Royal Air Force Station Hornchurch & Sutton's Farm.
Ranging Memories.
Rawlinson in India.
JACOBSEN (Dr. Mark) Ed.
Recollections of a Military Life.
ADYE (Gen. Sir John, GCB, RA)
Recollections of a Military Life.
ADYE (Gen. Sir John, GCB, RA)
Recollections of an Airman.
Recollections of an Amateur Soldier.
Recollections of My Life.
FAYRER (Surgeon-Gen. Sir J.)
Recollections of RAF Warmwell.
COOKE (Anthony)
Recollections of Thirty-Nine Years in the Army.
GORDON (Surgeon Genl. Sir Charles, KCB)
Record of Service of Solicitors & Articled Clerks with His Majesty's Forces 1914-1919.
Record of The Birmingham City Transport Home Guard, May, 1940-December, 1944.
Record of the Liverpool Corporation Passenger Transport Department Home Guard, May, 1940-December, 1944.
Records of No. 3 Mountain Battery R.A.
Records of Service & Campaigning in Many Lands.
MUNRO (Surgeon Gen. Wm., MD, CB)
Records of the 1st Somerset Militia (3rd Bn. Somerset L.I.).
Red Cross in Serbia 1915-1919: A Personal Diary of Experiences.
Regimental History of New Zealand Cyclist Corps in The Great War 1914-1918.
Regimental History of the 2/19th Hyderabad Regiment (Berar).
CONRY (Lt.-Col. J. de L.)
Regimental History of the 6th Royal Battalion (Scinde) 13th Frontier Force Rifles, 1843-1934.
LINDSAY (Capt. D.M.) et al.
Regimental History of the 6th Royal Battalion 13th Frontier Force Rifles (Scinde), 1843-1923.
LINDSAY (Capt. D.M.)]
Regimental Records of the Royal Welch Fusiliers (23rd Regt.). Vol. III: 1914-18 France & Flanders.
WARD (Major C.H. Dudley, DSO, MC)
Regimental Records of the Royal Welch Fusiliers (23rd Regt.). Vol. IV: 1915-18 Turkey, Bulgaria, Austria.
WARD (Major C.H. Dudley, DSO, MC)
Regimental Records of the Royal Welch Fusiliers. Vols. I & II. 1689-1815 & 1816-1914.
CARY (A.D.L., OBE) & McCANCE (Capt. S.)
Reginald at The Front.
MAC [Pseud.]
Regulations for Engineer Services-Peace. 1910. Reprinted with amendments published up to 1st May 1915. Part I.
Regulations for His Majesty's Colonial Service.
Regulations for the Army in India.
Remember With Advantages: A History of the 10th, 11th & Royal Hussars 1945-1992.
Remembering Kut: "Lest We Forget."
NEAVE (Dorina L.)
Reminiscences of a Grenadier 1914-1919.
Reminiscences of School & Army Life, 1839-1859.
[BAYLEY (John Arthur)
Reminiscences of the Crimean Campaign with the 55th Regiment.
HUME (John R., Maj.-Genl., late 55th Regt.)
Report by the Supreme Commander To the Combined Chief of Staff On The Operations In Europe of the Allied Expeditionary Force, 6 June 1944 to 8 May 1945.
Report of His Majesty's Commissioners Appointed to Inquire into the Military Preparations & Other Matters connected with the War in South Africa. [Bound with:] Minutes of Evidence taken before the Royal Commission (Volume I). [Together with:] Minutes of Evidence taken before the Royal Commission (Volume II). [Together with:] Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence Taken before the Royal Commission on the War in South Africa.
Report on the Old Records of the India Office with Supplementary Note and Appendices.
BIRDWOOD (Sir George)
Representative Enemy & Allied Aircraft: Comparative Performance & Characteristics. TAIC [Technical Air Intelligence Center] Manual No. 2.
Responding to The Call: The Kitchener Battalions of the Royal Berkshire Regiment at the Battle of Loos 1915.
FOX (Colin) et al.
Retreat to Victory. A Springbok's Diary in North Africa: Gazala to El Alamein 1942.
BROWN (James Ambrose)
Retreat: A Story of 1918.
Return of the Brute.
Return of the Brute.
Rhenish Prussia & Birkenfeld.
Richard Vincent Sutton: A Record of His Life Together with Extracts from His Private Papers.
Richthofen Jagdstaffel Ahead: RFC Pilots Out-Performed & Out-Gunned Over The Western Front, 1917.
Rifle Drill Illustrated.
Rifle Green at Waterloo: An Account of the 95th Foot in the Netherlands Campaign of 1813-14, at Quatre Bras & Waterloo 16th-18th June 1815 & the Occupation of Paris.
CALDWELL (George) & COOPER (Robert)
Roland Philipps, Boy Scout.
Roll of Honour & Casualties & List of Officers who have served with 75th Brigade Royal Field Artillery, Guards Division, 24th August [to] 11th November 1918.
Roll of Honour & Roll of Service 1914-1919: For King & Country.
Roll of Honour 1914-1919 Employees of S.C.W.S. who served with His Majesty's Forces in the Great War.
Roll of Honour Eleventh Brigade Royal Field Artillery 1914-1918.
Roll of Honour In Memory of the Employees of The General Electric Company, Ltd. & its Allied Companies Who Gave Their Lives in the Great War 1914-1919.
Roll of Honour: No. 149 Squadron, No. 3 Group, Bomber Command, Royal Air Force, 1939-1945.
Roll of Officers of the Old County Regiment of Lancashire Militia late 1st Royal Lancashire... 3rd & 4th Bns. The King's Own (Royal Lancaster) Regiment from 1642 to 1889. Corrected to May 1st, 1889.
WHALLEY ( J. Lawson) Comp.
Roll of the Indian Medical Service 1615-1930.
CRAWFORD (Lt.-Col. D.G.)
Rommel's Last Victory: The Battle of Kasserine Pass.
Rough Justice: A Novel.
Rough Notes of Seven Campaigns in Portugal, Spain, France & America during the Years 1809-10-11-12-13-14-15.
COOPER (John Spencer. Late Sgt. in the 7th R. Fusiliers)
Round the World With the P.B.I.
Rovers of the Night Sky.
"NIGHTHAWK" MC [Pseud. of HARVEY (W.J., MC)]
Royal Air Force 1939-1945. 3 Vols., The Fight at Odds; The Fight Avails; The Fight is Won.
Royal Air Force Beam Benders: 80 (Signals) Wing 1940-1945.
Royal Air Force Escaping Society: Report on Activities in 1959 & Catalogue of 'Escape' Books.
Royal Engineers Battlefield Tour: The Seine to the Rhine. Volume I: An Account of the Operations Included in the Tour. Volume II: A Guide to the Conduct of the Tour.
Royal N.Z. Artillery: 16th Field Regiment 1950-1954.
Rundbild No. 10. Standpunkt: Dub (Grenzstein 31) Nordlich von Krastali. Meschtischblatt 18, Planquadrat 9115. Mai 1916.
Russia From Within: Personal Experiences of Many Years, & Especially Since 1923. With Opinions & Convictions Formed in Consequence.
BURY (Herbert)

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