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S.O.S. Stand To!
GRANT (Sgt. Reginald, 1st Fd. Arty. Bde., 1st Canadian Division)
S.S. "Borodino" M.F.A. No. 6. A Short Account of the Junior Army & Navy Stores Ltd. with H.M. Grand Fleet December 1914-February 1919.
Sabre Strokes of the Pennsylvania Dragoons in the War of 1861-1865, Interspersed with Personal Reminiscences.
Salonica & After: The Sideshow that Ended the War.
OWEN (H. Collinson)
Sapper Dorothy Lawrence: The Only English Woman Soldier, late Royal Engineers, 51st Division, 179th Tunnelling Company, B.E.F.
LAWRENCE (Sapper Dorothy)
Sappers in the Persian Gulf.
ADCOCK (Col. W.H.)
Sappers Solace: 3/2 London Divisional Engineers, Esher. Vol. I, No. 4, April, 1916.
Scenes from Italy's War.
Scenes Through the Battle Smoke.
MALE (Rev. Arthur)
Schaubild No. 3 fur den Morter mit 21 cm Grenaten 96
Schaubilde fur die s. 12 cm-Kanone mit 12 cm Grenaten 88 a/A (angenabert gultig auch fur 12 cm Schrapnels 80/92). Mit Dectblatt 1. [Chart for the s. 12 cm cannon with 12 cm Grenades 88 a / A (also valid for 12 cm shrapnel 80/92). With Dectblatt 1.]
Schaubilder fur dem Morter mit 21 cm Grenaten 14.
Schlump: The Story of an Unknown Soldier.
[GRIMM (Hans Herbert)]
Scots Guard.
EWART (Wilfred)
Scouting Thrills.
MCKEAN (Capt. G.B., VC, MC, MM, 14th Canadian Inf.)
Scrap Book of the 7th Battalion Somerset Light Infantry (13th Foot) being a chronicle of their experiences in the Great War, 1914-1918, contributed by officers & other ranks... [And:] Cambrai... A Supplement to the Scrap Book of the 7th Battalion, Somerset Light Infantry.
Sea Survival.
Seaborne Trade. Vol. I: The Cruiser Period; Vol. II: From the Opening of the Submarine Campaign to the Appointment of the Shipping Controller; Vol. III: The Period of Unrestricted Submarine Warfare.
FAYLE (E. Ernest)
Seas of Adventures: The Story of the Naval Operations in the Mediterranean, Adriatic & Aegean.
Sebastopol Trenches & Five Months in Them.
PACK (Col. Reynell, CB)
Second Korean Supplement to the Journal of the VIII King's Royal Irish Hussars, 1951-52.
Second Royal Gloucestershire Hussars, Libya-Egypt 1941-1942.
PITMAN (Major Stuart)
Seeing Red: Today in Russia.
FARSON (Negley)
Selections from Speeches of Sir J.J.D. Latouche, KCSI, Lieutenant Governor of the United Provinces From 1901 to 1906.
Selections from the Dispatches & General Orders of Field Marshal The Duke of Wellington.
GURWOOD (Lt.-Col. J.) Ed.
Selections from The Inchkeith Lyre, The Non-Official Organ of the 6th Battalion The Royal Scots.
Selections from the State Papers of The Governors-General of India. Vol. II, Warren Hastings. Documents.
FORREST (George W.) Ed.
Sepoy Generals: Wellington to Roberts.
Serbia & the Serbians: Letters from Lady Muriel Herbert, Who was with the Second Serbian Relief Fund Unit.
HERBERT (Lady Muriel)
Serbia's Part in The Great War. Volume I: The Rampart Against Pan-Germanism. Being The Political & Military Story of the Austro-Serbian Campaign.
PRICE (Crawfurd)
Sergeant Lawrence Goes to France.
YULE (P.) Ed.
Servants of the Guns.
JEFFERY (Jeffery E.) [Pseud. of MARSTON (Jeffery E.)]
Servants of the Guns.
JEFFERY (Jeffery E.) [Pseud. of MARSTON (Jeffery Eardly)]
Servants of the Guns.
JEFFERY (Jeffery E.) [Pseud. of MARSTON (Jeffery Eardly)]
Sharpshooters at War: 3rd, 4th & 3rd/4th County of London Yeomanry 1939-45.
GRAHAM ([Lt.-Col.] A.)
Sheet 51a Ed.1a. 1:40,000.
Sheet 57cNW 1:20,000 Ed. 7D (Local).
Sherston's Progress.
SASSOON (Siegfried)
Shock Army of the British Empire: The Canadian Corps in the Last 100 Days of the Great War.
Shoot & Be Damned.
HALYBURTON (Sgt. Ed., DSM) & GOLL (Ralph)
Short Flights with the Cloud Cavalry.
"SPIN" [Pseud. of G.E. Thomson, Recording Officer, 46 Sqdrn. RFC]
Shoulder-Belt Plates & Buttons.
PARKYN (Major H.G., OBE)
Siberian Garrison.
Signal Training Volume IV. 1927. Construction & Maintenance of Lines.
Signal Training Volume V. Signal Office Organization & Procedure 1938.
Singapore to Colombo: The Diary of Major Colin W.A. Inglis, Indian Engineers, 13th February to 5th March, 1942.
INGLIS (Colin)
Sir Douglas Haig's Command: December 19, 1915-November 11, 1918.
DEWAR (G.A.B.) & BORASTON (Lt.-Col. J.H.)
Sir Douglas Haig's Despatches (December 1915-April 1919).
HAIG (Field Marshal Sir Douglas)
Sir John Moore.
OMAN (Carola)
Sirdar & Khalifa: Or the Reconquest of the Sudan 1898.
Sites of Memory, Sites of Mourning: The Great War in European Cultural History.
Six Days in March, '18.
WARD (Major Ronald Ogier, DSO, MC, HAC)
Six Months at Sebastopol: Being Selections from the Journal & Correspondence of the late Major George Ranken, Royal Engineers.
RANKEN (W. Bayne)
Sketch of the Military Services of Lieutenant-General Skinner and His Sons.
SKINNER (Allan MacLean, QC) Comp.
Slaves of the War Lords.
Small Arms Firing Manual 1913. Corrected to April 15, 1917 (Changes Nos. 1 to 18).
Small Arms Manual.
BARLOW (Brig. J.A., CBE, psc, late West Yorkshire Regt.) & JOHNSTON (Lt.-Col. R.E.W., LRB)
Small Arms Training. Volume II. 1924. With Additions for India.
Small Craft.
Small scrap album/autograph book with WW1 content.
Smoke on the Horizon: Mediterranean Fighting 1914-1918.
USBORNE (Vice-Adml. C.V., CB, CMG)
Sniping in France: With Notes on the Scientific Training of Scouts, Observers, & Snipers.
Snow Trenches.
So Few Got Through: The Personal Diary of Lieut.-Col. Martin Lindsay, DSO, MP, who served with the Gordon Highlander in the 51st Highland Division from July, 1944, to May, 1945.
So This Was War! The Truth About the Western & Eastern Fronts Revealed.
Society at War 1914-1916.
Soissons Before and During the War.
Soldier & Peasant in French Popular Culture, 1766-1870.
HOPKIN (David M.)
Soldier & Sailor Words & Phrases: Including Slang of the Trenches & the Air Force; British & American War Words & Service Terms & Expressions in Everyday Use; Nicknames, Sobriquets & Titles of Regiments, with their Origins; The Battle Honours of the Great War awarded to the British Army.
FRASER (Edward) & GIBBONS (John) Comps.
Soldier from the Wars Returning.
Soldier of the Empire: The Memoirs of Lt. Colonel A.J. Richardson D.S.O., East Yorkshire Regiment.
FARRAR (Peter N.) Ed.
Soldier Songs.
MACGILL (Patrick)
Soldier Songs.
MACGILL (Patrick)
Soldiering & Surveying in British East Africa 1891-1894.
Soldiering of Sorts: A London Territorial Officer in the First World War.
MYER (Henry D.)
Soldiers of the King: The Story of the 53rd Surrey Battalion Home Guard.
PEPPERALL (Lt.-Col. R.A., MC) Comp.
Soldiers of the Raj: The Indian Army 1600-1947.
GUY (Alan J.) & BOYDEN (Peter B.)
Soliloquies of a Subaltern Somewhere in France.
COOPER (Eric Thirkell)
Some Pages from the History of "Q" Battery, R.H.A., in the Great War.
BURNE (Major A.H., RA)
Sometimes a Soldier.
Somme Harvest: Memories of a P.B.I. in the Summer of 1916.
EYRE (Giles E.M., ex-Rfmn. R/9885)
Somme Harvest: Memories of a P.B.I. in the Summer of 1916.
EYRE (Giles E.M., ex-Rfmn. R/9885)
Songs & Slang of the British Soldier 1914-1918.
BROPHY (John) & PARTRIDGE (Eric) Eds.
Songs From the Trenches.
Sonnets from a Prison Camp.
Sons of Victory 1914-1918.
South African Forces World War II (Vol. VIII, Parts I & II): Salute the Sappers. Part I: The Formation of the South African Engineer Corps & its Operations in East Africa & the Middle East to the Battle of Alamein. Part II: The Operations of the South African Engineer Corps in the North African & Italian Theatres of War from the Battle of El Alamein to the end of WW2.
ORPEN (Col. Neil) & MARTIN (Lt.-Gen. H.J.)
Special Service in Greece.
Spectamur Agendo: 1st Battalion The East Lancashire Regiment, August & September 1914.
Sri Lanka Armoured Corps: 60 Years of History 1955-2015.
St. George's Gazette [Journal of the Northumberland Fusiliers] Vol. XX, January-December 1902.
St. George's Gazette [Journal of the Northumberland Fusiliers] Vol. XXI, January-December 1903.
St. Nicholas, Brighton, Parish Magazine, January 1916-December 1919 [Bound together with:] The Sign with which is incorporated The Living Church, January 1916-December 1919.
Standing Orders 9th (Queen's Royal) Lancers [1911].
Standing Orders, British Military Hospital, Rawalpindi. 1935.
Statistics of the Military Effort of the British Empire During the Great War. 1914-1920.
Steady Drummer.
CASSON (Stanley)
Steady Drummer.
CASSON (Stanley)
Stick & String.
TINSLEY (Terence)
Stories of the Victoria Cross.
Straight on for Tokyo: The War History of the 2nd Bn. The Dorsetshire Regiment 1939-1948.
WHITE (Lt.-Col. O.G.W., DSO)
Streatham's 41.
Studies in the Social Services.
Studies in the Social Services.
Sunset, Night & Dawn.
MILSOM (Lieut. Harry Gordon, 1st Canadian Div.)
Superiority of Fire: A Short History of Rifles & Machine-Guns.
PRIDHAM (Major C.H.B.)
Supplement to the Half-Yearly Army List for the period ending 31st Dec. 1924. War Services of Officers on Retired Pay.
Surrendered: Some Naval War Secrets.
"GRIFF" [Pseud. of GRIFFITH (Cdr. Arthur Steuart, RN)]
Sussex in the First World War.

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