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India India, Including campaigns on the North-West Frontier, Afghanistan and Burma, the Indian Mutiny and Anglo-Indian colonial life   91 Books
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In Memory 1857. The Golden Commemoration of the Indian Mutiny Veterans at the Albert Hall Dec. 23rd 1907. Orig. dec wraps., 42pp. No imprint/date. Contemp.  #61665
[HLMainPic] Souvenir of the event including details of the commemorative parade & dinner plus lists of some hundreds of surviving officers & men, not all of whom attended the event. The list of officers is alphabetical & the lists of other ranks alphabetical within regimental lists. It has lost its ribbon tie (but that could be replaced), little marked & worn but signed to front "Eckford, 30 Roland Gardens" (Major A.H. Eckford is listing among the attendees: Alexander Haldane Eckford 1837-1914, commissioned 1854, served with 69th Native Inf. & Captain in the Bengal Staff Corps, in Civil Employ, 1866; Major & Cantonment Magistrate at Barrackpore 1874. War Services: "present at the siege & capture of Delhi in 1857 & was severely wounded on 19th July. Accompanied General Penny's Column into the Rohilcund, & was severely wounded in action at Kukerowlee on the 30th April 1858, receiving two sabre cuts while driving back Ghazees from the guns..." Also includes loosely inserted Menu Card (Mock Turtle soup etc.) & Programme of Music. Attractive & scarce survival including "the most complete & trustworthy" list of surviving veterans "that has ever been issued…" See illustration on our website.   £225
2nd Bn. 1st Gurkha Rifles, Wana Column, April 19th-May 18th, 1926. Contemp. photograph album, 10x8-inches approx., containing 23 fine & clear 8x6-inch photos. plates, interesting views, all with locations identified in the negative & most with additional ink captions, plus one similar size group photo. at end identifying ten officers accompanying the column - seven being officers of 2/1st Gurkha Rifles, the three others being officers of No. 14 Field Coy. RE.  #62119
[HLMainPic] Regarding the 2/1st Gurkhas' 1925-28 NWF tour (based at Razmak) the regimental history records mainly road protection duties using mobile columns which "made regular excursions or round trips as far afield as Jandola & Wana to the south & Datta Khel in the Tochi Valley to the north. Even the recently truculent Mahsuds seldom interfered with the progress of these Columns although a few hot-heads or irreconcilable outlaws occasionally indulged in sniping..." Of the Ciolumn represented in this album the history states: "A second Column in April took it to scenes of its recent activities with Wazir Force down the Tank Zam, through Sorarogha & Handola, to Wana & back. The only incident occurred on the outward halt at Tauda China when a burst of sniping wounded two Riflemen, one mortally. Otherwise local hostilities during 1926 were confined to inter-tribal scraps along the disputed Mahsud-Wazir boundary... Companies were often called out to stop these local battles when they occurred too near to camp." The fine views include: Departure from Razmak (the battalion on the road, additionally captioned to identify Chesan Camp, Lower Camp & Razmak); Camp at Sarrarogha (additionally captioned to identify S. Waziristan Scouts marching in from RP; Aeroplane Landing Ground; 2/1st Gurkha Rifles; 11th Armoured Car Coy. &c.); Anaitungi (additionally captioned to identify Takki Zam; Scout Post &c.); Shahur Tangi (additionally captioned to identify A Scout Tower overlooking Splitoi &c., & noting that the view is from Chagmalai Fort); Kotkai Camp (additionally captioned to identify 14 Fd. Coy camped on Parade Ground & Scout Post); Kotkai Tunnel (additionally captioned to identify 2nd Bn. Sherwood Foresters marching through); Splitoi Fort & Razcol Camp (additionally captioned to identify three men of 2/1st GR & Shahur River); Saewakai Fort; Dargai-Oba Razcol Camps (additionally captioned to identify 14 Fd. Coy. &c.); Karab Kot Camp; Wana Pass (additionally captioned to identify Old Tonga Road); Wana Camp (additionally captioned to identify Aeroplanes on the landing ground); Wana Fort (additionally captioned Scene of 1919 Mutiny. Evacuated March 1923); Jirga at Wana (additionally captioned to identify Col. Commdt. O.C. Barrett; The Resident & Political Agen S.W. [South Waziristan] Capt. Hay); The Hospital on Camels (an exceelent close-up, additionally captioned Returning about 1 1/2 miles short of Dargai Oba) & others. Fine selection of Waziristan views contained in contemp. "Bartons British Albums" photo. album. See illustrations on our website.   £420
India. A Collection of Postcard Views of British Barracks & other Military Buildings & Amenities at the height of the Raj; also some topographical views of the NWF &c. A fine collection of approx. 465 commercially produced postcards depicting British stations, mainly in Northern & Central India, also some in South India. A wide ranging variety of subjects & locations, being a combination of finely produced b/w photos., tinted postcards &c.  #56478
[HLMainPic] An exceptional collection of commercially produced postcards dating from the late 19th & early 20th Centuries depicting British cantonments, parade grounds, barrack buildings, hospitals, railway stations, clubs, soldiers' homes, post offices, &c., also various NWF views (Waziristan, Razmak Column, Khyber Pass, forts, camps &c.) & troops on the move. Locations include most of the major centres such as Simla, Rawalpindi, Quetta, Poona, Dalhousie, Mhow, Bareilly, Dagshai, Jhansi, Peshawar &c. A superlative potential resource for a publisher, researcher, or photographic archive interested in this field. See illustrations on our website.   £1200
Tribes on My Frontier: An Indian Naturalist's Foreign Policy. By EHA, with illus. by P.C. Macrae. 5th Ed., viii+216pp., num. sketches. Calcutta: Thacker Spink & Co. 1892  #51896
[HLMainPic] Humourous classic work of Anglo-Indian life concerning the insects & fauna that abounded & plagued the European population, from mosquitos to lizards, ants, crows, bats, frogs, spiders, &c. Attractive orig. pictorial green cloth with gilt titles to sp. & front, little wear to internal joints o/w VG & a nice copy. See illustration on our website.   £20
Verbatim Report of The Debate on The Indian Civil Service in the House of Commons, June 29, 1975 [And:] Opinions of the Press on the Debate of the 29th of June, 1875, in the House of Commons, On the Indian Civil Service. 1st Ed., orig. printed wraps., 48pp., foolscap. J. Wakeham, Printer, Kensington. August 1875  #54708
[HLMainPic] Report of the debate plus press opinions contained in the last 10 pages. The debate particularly concerned "the position of the civilians in the N.W. Provinces of India" who felt that they were victims of a "scandalous breach of faith on the part of the Government," i.e. "Lord Dalhousie gave a pledge that half the Commissionerships & Assistant Commissionerships in the Punjab & Oudh should be given to the civilians of those provinces. But the promise has been flagrantly broken. Many of the best posts have been systematically conferred on military officers without any legal or scholastic education, & with no claim but the favour of some high dignitary at Calcutta..." Interesting debate on patronage in India & the ICS, with matter ranging all over India, not just the aforementioned territories. Wraps. somewhat foxed/stained, generally VG. See illustration on our website.   £45
1st Bn. Hampshire Regiment, North-West Frontier: Razmak &c., 1937-39. Contemp. album containing 39 postcard sized photos., all captioned in ink, including various scarce & interesting views of forts, camp & regimental scenes. Several photos. missing o/w VG.  #55709
[HLMainPic] Nicely captioned views include Our Camp at Ghalanai where the track was; Tanks waiting for orders to move out; One of our outposts Ghalanai; the remains of one of the villages at Ghalanai; Our HQ at Ghalanai; Officers' tent Ghalanai; The Brigade marching back to Razmak; Our prisoners which we captured at Ghalanai; Cook house & staff at Ghalanai, &c. See illustrations on our website.   £225
Selections from Speeches of Sir J.J.D. Latouche, KCSI, Lieutenant Governor of the United Provinces From 1901 to 1906. 1st Ed., [ii]+ii+90pp. Naini Tal: United Provinces Government Camp Branch Press. 1906  #57424
[HLMainPic] Speeches of consequence on various Indian affairs from 1898-1906, regarding legislation, unveiling of statues, educational improvements, &c. Much of interest on the British administration of the United Provinces. Orig. printed paper covd. boards with cloth backstrip, VG. See illustration on our website.   £35
[MACGREGOR (Maj.-Gen. Sir C., KCB, CSI, CIE)] The Second Afghan War 1878-1880: Abridged Official Account produced in the Intelligence Branch Army Head-Quarters, India. Revised by Lt. F.G. Cardew, Intelligence Dept. 1st Ed., x+734pp., frontis. + 35 photos. & sketch maps (inc. a number of panoramas), 22 fldg. maps & plans. Murray. 1908  #60141
[HLMainPic] Substantial & very rare official history. The original history (which is exceedingly rare: a copy has never to our knowledge been seen on the market) was considered too sensitive for publication & issued for official use only, hence the eventual appearance of the abridged - but nevertheless extremely detailed - version here offered. Orders of Battle & other notes on troop movements &c. Excellent photos., maps & sketches. Orig. red cloth, gilt to sp. & titled in black to front, very small hole in sp., corners little stained, little rubbed, generally VG & complete with all maps, diagrams & plates. See illustrations on our website.   £650
AN EX-POLITICAL: [Pseud. of EASTWICK (E.B.)] Dry Leaves from Young Egypt. 3rd Ed., xx+393pp., chromo. litho. frontis., tinted litho. plates throughout. Hertford: Printed for the Author by Stephen Austin. 1851  #54451
[HLMainPic] Misleadingly titled experiences of a Political Officer in Sind, 1839-41, when it had been brought under British rule in furtherance of the policy of establishing influence over Afghanistan. Highly acclaimed account & rare. Rebound in green cloth, gilt title to spine, VG thus. See illustration on our website.   £125
ANGLESEY (Marquess of) A History of the British Cavalry 1816-1919. Vol. I: 1816-1850. 1st Ed., 336pp., 34 illus., 17 maps. VG in chipped/worn dw. Cooper. 1973  #62113
[HLMainPic] The now standard history of British Cavalry, this vol. includes much on Indian campaigns inc. Nepal war 1814-16, Mahratta & Pindari Wars, 1st Afghan & Sikh Wars. VG in dw & signed by author on tp. See illustration on our website.   £20

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