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Africa The scramble for Africa and British colonial campaigns including the Boer War, East and West Africa, Egypt and the Sudan   76 Books
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Official History of the Operations in Somaliland 1901-04. General Staff, War Office. 1st Ed., 2 Vols., 635pp. in all, 50 of 51 plates & sketches (many being fldg. sketch maps of operations & defenses, two of telegraph communications), 2 fldg. maps in end-pocket of Vol. I + several sketch maps illustrative of the expedition in the text. HMSO. 1907  #62014
[HLMainPic] Detailed, well illustrated & mapped account of the four expeditions against the 'Mad Mullah' in 1901, 1902, 1902-03 & 1903-04 contained in Volume I. Volume II containing a full account of the Organization of Commands & Staff, Services & Departments, &c. 2000 Copies printed but remarkably scarce. Note: Vol. I rather worn but generally VG & complete; Vol. II sp. partially split & one fldg. diagram lacking (Plan of Somali & Field Force Telegraphs in Jan. 1901). Orig. red cloth, gilt, as described above. See illustration on our website.   £275
Report of His Majesty's Commissioners Appointed to Inquire into the Military Preparations & Other Matters connected with the War in South Africa. [Bound with:] Minutes of Evidence taken before the Royal Commission (Volume I). [Together with:] Minutes of Evidence taken before the Royal Commission (Volume II). [Together with:] Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence Taken before the Royal Commission on the War in South Africa. 1st Eds., foolscap, viii+316, xii+534, x+720 & [ii]+445pp. HMSO. 1903  #64063
[HLMainPic] Key cornerstone work on Boer War organisation & operations 1899-1900, complete in 4 Vols.: "The report of the Elgin Commission appointed to inquire into the military preparations for the war in South Africa, & into the supply of men, ammunition, equipment & transport by sea & land in connection with the campaign, & into the military operations up to the occupation of Pretoria... The volume is fully indexed." - Hackett p.8. 1000 copies printed & surprisingly scarce for that. Two Vols. (Report & 2 Vols. of Minutes of Evidence) bound in contemp. official ledgers; the final part, Appendices... in orig. chipped blue paper wraps. Overall VG, scarce complete set. See illustrations on our website.   £500
The Mission Field. A Monthly Record of the Proceedings of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel At Home & Abroad. Vol. XLV. 1900. 1st Ed., [ii]+480pp., 143 illus. & maps. Bell & Sons. 1900  #64315
[HLMainPic] Impressions & reports from English missionaries in various stations. This issue, contemp. to the Boer War, includes various matter re that conflict, e.g., 'Kimberley During the Siege' by Rev. G. Mitchell; also news from the Legation at Peking & an article on 'Rorke's Drift & The Boers' by Archdeacon Johnson, of St. Augustine's Mission, Zululand, who describes the Boer occupation in 1899, problems of food shortages, &c., with a distant view of Rorke's Drift as illustration. See illustratiuons on our website.   £85
The C.I.V. & the War in South Africa, 1900: The City Press Illustrated Souvenir of the City of London Imperial Volunteers. [Number Two]. 1st Ed., orig. dec. wraps., [48]pp., photos. throughout. The City Press. Contemp.  #60250
[HLMainPic] A further selection of portraits, photos., nominal rolls &c. VG, See illustrations on our website.   £120
Precis of Information Concerning Somaliland. 1902. Part I. Provisional Issue. Compiled by the Intelligence Division, War Office. 1st Ed thus., vi+160pp., fldg. table (of seasons). Printed for HMSO by Harrison & Sons. 1903  #64164
[HLMainPic] Part I (here offered) contains "Description of the Country Generally" while Part II contained "Road & River Reports." This part includes: Geography of the interior & coast ("Detailed Description - Harbours & Ports" of British, French & Italian Somaliland); Towns & Villages; Communications; Climate & Health; Trade & Products; Inhabitants; History (including the Egyptian Occupation... Abyssinians in Somaliland... The Mullah... Expeditions in 1901...&c); Dockyards & Naval Establishments; Fortifications & Barracks; Land Forces; Strategy & Tactics (Fighting Qualities of the Somalis, &c.). Plus several appendices. Orig. brown printed wraps., chipped & worn, generally sound & rare (150 copies printed). See illustration on our website.   £350
The Old Cheltonian South African War Memorials. 1st Ed., 83pp., 4to, frontis., several photos. Cheltenham: Norman, Sawyer & Co. 1904  #56159
[HLMainPic] A record of the Memorial Cross, Reredos & Kneeling Desk at Cheltenham College ercetd in memory of Cheltonians who fell in the Boer War. Includes a roll, with brief details, of 51 who were killed in action or died of wounds or disease during the conflict. Orig. white cloth, gilt to front, with green cloth backstrip, some staining to rear cover o/w VG throughout & scarce. See illustration on our website.   £120
Wyld's Military Sketch Map (aka Military Staff Map) of Zulu Land, Transvaal, & The Adjoining Territories. Fldg. coloured map, 53x73 cm approx., printed on paper, cut into 20 compartments & laid down on linen, retained in orig. publisher's cloth with paper label to front, short catalogue of other atlases & maps available from the publisher to inside cover & top fold. James Wyld, Geographer to the Queen. 1879  #62141
[HLMainPic] Superbly detailed map with hand-coloured detail, approx. 10 miles to 1 inch, principally Zulu Land & the Transvaal, together with portions of the OFS, Natal & Portuguese possessions in East Africa. All important townships & geographical features clearly shown, as also state boundaries &c., in addition to which are shown "Position of the British Advancing Columns, Jan. 11th 1879" i.e. the Right Column under Col. Pearson; the Right Centre Column (Col. Durnford); the Left Centre Column (Col. Glyn) & Headquarters of Left Column (Col. Wood) near Utrecht, the location of Roeke's Drift & the Battle of Isandlwana, 22nd Jan. 1879, &c. The publisher was the premier cartographer in London at the time. Attractive map in excellent clean condition, VG throughout. See illustrations on our website.   £600
Lord Chelmsford: "Spy" Cartoon. Chromolithograph print, 375x240mm, reproduced from Vanity Fair, Sept. 3rd, 1881, depicting "Isandula" (Gen. Lord Chelmsford) in plain clothes seated in the House of Lords.  #64393
[HLMainPic] "Spy" (Leslie Ward) produced about 1300 acutely observed caricatures of the leading figures in public life, ranging from politicians & soldiers to sporting & legal gentry, between 1873-1911. They were printed in the magazine Vanity Fair & also sold as prints (such as that offered here) on better quality paper. VG with printed caption "Isandula" & adjacent pencil note "General Lord Chelmsford (2nd Baron)." See illustration on our website.   £65
At Modder River: A Few Incidences of Mission Work Amongst Soldiers... Whilst Under Fire in South Africa. 140th Thousand, orig. dec. wraps., 36pp., 9 plates, map. Published by the South Africa General Mission. nd (c.1900)  #64403
[HLMainPic] A record of missions work among the wounded soldiers of Magersfontein &c: ministering to their physical needs while taking the opportunity to spread the word of God. A rare curiosity, especially in view of the publisher's (most unlikely) claim that this edition is the 140th Thousand. See illustration on our website.   £75
British Somaliland. Fldg. paper map, 1000x660mm, 1:1000,000 scale. Specially produced by the extension & revision of T.S.G.S. 1781, as a provisional measure for use of the Civil Administration in British Somaliland. War Office, 1922. Revised, 1925.  #64602
[HLMainPic] A fine clear map of the entire country, with coloured detail. The the top right-hand margin bears a printed note: "To accompany Military Report on British Somaliland 1925" however this is scored through in two printed lines on this example, indicating that this map was also issued or sold separately from the 1925 report. VG & housed in a home-made slipcase of some age with title labels to front & sp., plus cut-out printed badges of the Hampshire Regt., Royal Engineers, & others, possibly reflecting the former owner's services. See illustrations on our website.   £100

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