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British Army Manuals (1914-18) British Army Manuals, Text Books and Handbooks (1914-1918)   24 Books
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Memoranda on Medical Diseases in the Tropical & Sub-Tropical War Areas. 1919. 1st Ed., orig. grey printed wraps., 280pp., plates & sketches. HMSO. 1919  #63630
[HLMainPic] A complete re-working of its predecessor (Memoranda on Some Medical Diseases in the Mediterranean War Area): "...contains fourteen new sections... The old sections have been fully revised, brought up to date &, in some instances, considerably extended. New illustrations have been added & an index supplied." Covers several dozen unpleasant topics, from Ankylostomiasis to Undulant Fever. Orig. grey printed wraps., VG. See illustration on our website.   £50
Corps Extracts. "A" and "Q" Branch Headquarters, Cavalry Corps. January, 1916. 2nd Ed., orig. buff printed card wraps., 40pp. + blank interleaves. Printed by Harrison & Sons for HMSO. 1916  #61040
[HLMainPic] These 'extracts' from Cavalry Corps standing orders relate to Commissions & Cadet School (with details of how candidates may become eligible for commissions in various branches of the service; how the commissions should be applied for & details of the establishment of the officer Cadet School in France ["Classes are received fortnightly, & the duration of the course is about one month..."] &c). Also contains details re promotions, reporting of casualties, guidance on courts martial, billeting, civilian claims against damages to billets &c. Much of interest on these various non-operational yet essential matters. Very nice condition, this copy with around 20 signatures of members of Cavalry Corps HQ, ranging from the GOC, Lt.-Gen. Sir Cecil Edward Bingham [who relinquished command of the Corps in March 1916, which neatly dates these inscriptions to early 1916, soon after this issue was published], Brig. Home (BGGS), Brig. Longmore (DA&QMG) & various lesser functionaries. VG & rare. See illustration on our website.   £145
Notes on the Ammunition for Q.F. 13-PR. Q.F. 18-PR. Q.F. 4.5-Inch Howitzer. Ordnance College. 1915. Orig. buff printed card wraps., 44pp., diagrams. Printed by Harrison & Sons for HMSO. 1915  #61409
[HLMainPic] Including num. interesting diagrams of shells & fuzes, tools & ammunition boxes. VG & scarce. See illustration on our website.   £65
Schaubilder fur dem Morter mit 21 cm Grenaten 14. Fldg. card, 4pp. Berlin. February 1918.  #61427
[HLMainPic] Brief notes + range table for this Granatenwerfer (grenade throwing) trench mortar. Scarce. See illustration on our website.   £45
Schaubild No. 3 fur den Morter mit 21 cm Grenaten 96 Fldg. chart, 1:25,000, 40x30cm approx. Nur fur den dienstgebrauch [Only for service use]. c.1917  #61460
[HLMainPic] Being a diagram of the fall of shot &c. of the 21 cm grenade mortar, for use in conjunction with range tables. With usage note in printed in margin. Scarce. See illustration on our website.   £45
Schaubilde fur die s. 12 cm-Kanone mit 12 cm Grenaten 88 a/A (angenabert gultig auch fur 12 cm Schrapnels 80/92). Mit Dectblatt 1. [Chart for the s. 12 cm cannon with 12 cm Grenades 88 a / A (also valid for 12 cm shrapnel 80/92). With Dectblatt 1.] Fldg. card. Berlin. 1917.  #61461
[HLMainPic] Folding card with range table printed on rear & two paste-in instructions within. Scarce. See illustration on our website.   £45
The Bren Light Machine Gun. Description, Use & Mechanism. Coloured fldg. diagrams & sketches, each with captions/instructions, contained in printed card wraps. Aldershot: G&P. nd (c.1930s).  #62894
[HLMainPic] The Mark I Bren: cutaway drawings, diagrams of mechanism &c. with instructions for operation. Attractive col. printed instructional work. VG. See illustrations on our website.   £30
Examples of Cavalry Action in France During the German Offensive, March-April 1918. Issued by the General Staff, India. 1st Ed., orig. printed card wraps. with cloth backstrip, 14pp., foolscap, 5 fldg. & cold. maps/sketches. Calcutta: Supt. of Govt. Printing. 1921.  #63200
[HLMainPic] A rare survival (just 500 copies printed) containing reports on four actions: (i) Mounted Action - At Moreuil Wood on 30th March 1918, by Canadian Cavalry Brigade; (ii) Dismounted Action - Report of Action of 'C' Squadron, 4th Hussars, in the attack on Moreuil Wood; (iii) Mounted Action - Account of 3rd Cavalry Division at Villeselve; (iv) Example of Cavalry Patrol Report & Written Messages - Report of Patrol [by Lt. Hon. H.M. Stourton, 8th Hussars] from Sally-le-Sec to Morcourt [27th March 1918] plus Lessons drawn from the operations carried out by the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Cavalry Divisions from March 21st to April 5th, 1918. The reports are supported by excellent coloured maps/diagrams of the various engagements. Orig. printed card wraps., with cloth backstrip, VG. See illustrations on our website.   £325
Small Arms Firing Manual 1913. Corrected to April 15, 1917 (Changes Nos. 1 to 18). 268pp., 12mo, sketches 7 diagrams. Washington: Govt. Printing Office. 1917  #57348
[HLMainPic] US War Department official training manual. See illustration on our website.   £20
Manual of Ceremonial 1935. 1st Ed., xiv+171pp., 20 photos./diagrams. HMSO. 1935  #63525
[HLMainPic] Inspection & Review of Troops & conduct of various other ceremonial occasions. Amendments 1-4 neatly added in ink to rear eps. Orig. red cloth, gilt, VG. See illustration on our website.   £20

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