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Narrative of the Battle of Jutland. 1st Ed., iv+121pp., 45 diagrams (many fldg.). HMSO. 1924  #63790
[HLMainPic] A shorter (but still detailed) official account with many excellent diagrams. 1000 copies printed. Orig. blue cloth, gilt, VG, very nice copy. See illustration on our website.   £30
Osterreich-Ungarns Letzter Krieg 1914-1918. Herausgegeben vom Osterreichischen Bundeministerium fr Heereswesen und vom Kriegsarchiv. 1st Eds., 7 text volumes & 7 mapcases: around 6000pp. in all with in excess of 400 maps & sketch maps, many fldg. & all contained in the mapcases. Wien: Verlag der Militarwissenschaftlichen Mitteilungen. 1930-1938  #61440
[HLMainPic] Complete set of the Austro-Hungarian official history of the First World War on land: seven text volumes + seven accompanying map volumes + the rare Registerband (or index volume), 15 volumes in all. Orig. blue cloth, gilt, VG or better throughout (but for Vol. V text, covers little stained) & all but Vol. I text/maps complete with dustwrappers. Rare complete set, especially in dws. Neil Wells ('Official Histories of the Great War 1914-1918') informs us that: "The Austrian Federal Ministry for Army Affairs & of the War Archives employed mainly ex-members of the Austrian General Staff... under the general editorship of Genereale de Infanterie Doktor Edmund von Glaise-Horstenau... Each volume was written by a team of historians, each specialising in various aspects of the individual history... With so many ex-members of the General Staff writing the histories there was to some degree a corruption... to show the Austrian General Staff, or individuals (in some cases the author himself) in a more favourable light. Certainly the former Chief of the General Staff... FM Franz Graf Conrad von Hotzendorf's reputation was defended to the utmost by the official historians." In an interesting note about the general editor, Wells adds: "Glaise-Horstenau became one of the first Austrian Nazis... second in command of the Austrian Nazi Party... After the Anschluss he joined the Wehrmacht and... took a leading military-administrative role in the occupation of Yugoslavia... in 1946 whilst being being held at Langwasser Military Camp, Nurnberg he committed suicide." See illustrations on our website.   £2250
Der Weltkrieg 1914 bis 1918. Bildermappe. Portfolio, 26x18cm, containing 36 finely printed photos. on 35 plates (one has two images). [Berlin: Reicharchiv/Mittler & Sohn. nd (c.1920)].  #61278
[HLMainPic] Rare photographic supplement to the German OH, containing 36 photos. on 35 plates, all captioned in Gothic script, being fine scenes illustrative of operations in France, Flanders & the Eastern Front. Neil Wells states (in Official Histories of the Great War 1914-1918): "The Bildermappe... is a special picture folder... it was not given a 'Band' number, & the date of publication or copyright was not shown on the folder or any of the plates." Plates fine in VG orig. dec. blue cloth portfolio. See illustrations on our website.   £125
Statistics of the Military Effort of the British Empire During the Great War. 1914-1920. 1st Ed., 880pp., foolscap, several fldg. tables & charts. HMSO. 1923  #63713
[HLMainPic] Superb, weighty, invaluable & essential compendium of facts & figures including recruiting, casualties (monthly figures for all fronts), expenditure of gun ammunition, contribution of the dominions, expenditure, chronology of events, Enemy PoW, Discipline & Courts-Martial, & much much more. Very rare orig. edition, VG ex-lib. in later blue cloth binding. See illustration on our website.   £325
Der Weltkrieg 1914 bis 1918. Die Militarischen Operationen zu Lande. Bearbeitet im Reichsarchiv. Vols. 1-12, all substantial volumes, each around 400-700pp., with lge. fldg. maps in end-pockets & further maps in text. Berlin: Reichsarchiv/Mittler & Sohn. 192539  #60727
[HLMainPic] Like the British, the German OH was incomplete when the Second World War broke out. The 12 volumes then published (& here offered) covered operations on Western & Eastern Fronts, the Balkans & Italy, down to June 1917 (including the British Messines offensive). The final two volumes were issued in a limited form during WW2 & are virtually unobtainable. All vols. are handsome, good quality productions with excellent maps &c., produced to a high standard. Very few volumes are offered for sale & a set such as this, as complete as one is likely to encounter, is rare. Orig. maroon cloth, gilt, VG throughout. See illustrations on our website.   £850
ASPINALL-OGLANDER (Brig. C.F., CB, CMG, DSO) Military Operations Gallipoli: Volume I: Inception of the Campaign to May 1915. Maps & Appendices 1st Ed., viii+77pp., 5 fldg. maps. VG in sl. chipped dw. Heinemann. 1929  #61087
[HLMainPic] Maps & appendices to Part I: Includes reproductions of Hamilton's, Birdwood's & other subordinate commanders' orders for the original landings, Battle of Krithia &c. Excellent & widely acclaimed history of which Falls states "No serious student of the War can avoid reading this book... he will find this no imposition, for the book is easily & attractively written." Orig. red cloth, gilt, VG in sl. chipped & marked bur scarce dw with bold ink presentation inscription from the author: "Alan Moorehead with all good wishes from Cecil Aspinall-Oglander. These maps were prepared by - though not actually drawn by - Major A.F. Becke, I'm ashamed to see his name does not appear. Vol. II also." Note: Doubtless given to Moorehead by Aspinall-Oglander while the former was writing his classic account of the campaign published in 1956. His regret at the absence of Becke's name on his volume affirms the value placed upon the latter's work. It should be added that Becke's name did appear on the title pages of both the text volumes. Interesting copy. See illustration on our website.   £225
ASPINALL-OGLANDER (Brig. C.F., CB, CMG, DSO) Military Operations: Gallipoli. 1st Eds., complete in 2 text Vols. + 2 Vols. of maps/appendices: xvii+380pp., 20 photos., 19 sketch maps; xiv+517pp., 19 photos., 4 sketch maps; viii+77pp., 5 fldg. maps & vii+85pp., 6 fldg. maps. Heinemann. 1929/1932.  #64165
[HLMainPic] Excellent & widely acclaimed history of which Falls states "No serious student of the War can avoid reading this book... he will find this no imposition, for the book is easily & attractively written." Orig. cloth, gilt, complete but mixed set, some staining & wear, Vol. I Appendices blocked in gilt to front "Officers Mess 5th Bn. H.L.I." Overall sound. See illustration on our website.   £245
BEAN (C.E.W.) The Australian Imperial Force in France May 1918 to the Armistice. Hardback reprint, lxxvi+1099pp., 430 illus. & maps. VG in dw. Univ. of Queensland Press. 1983  #56272
[HLMainPic] Vol. VI of the Australian Official History. Scarce hardback reprint. VG in dw. See illustration on our website.   £35
BEAN (C.E.W.) et al. Official History of Australia in the War: Complete Set of 12 Vols., The Story of Anzac, 2 Vols., From the Outbreak of War to the end of the First Phase of the Gallipoli Campaign, May 4, 1915; From 4 May, 1915, to the Evacuation of the Gallipoli Peninsula; The A.I.F. in France, 4 Vols., 1916; 1917; December 1917-May 1918 & During the Allied Offensive 1918; Sinai & Palestine; The Australian Air Force; The Royal Australian Navy; The Australians at Rabaul; Australia During the War; Photographic Record of the War: Reproductions of Pictures Taken by the Australian Official Photographers. Various Eds., over 7000pp. in all, hundreds of maps, num. photos. in text vols. + 753 photos. in the final volume. Sydney: Angus & Robertson. 1937-53.  #63970
[HLMainPic] Complete set of 12 vols. in orig. maroon cloth gilt, near fine throughout. Falls awarded two stars in "War Books," noting: "Criticism is permitted & is often strong, especially, let it be hinted, where 'Imperial' commanders & troops are concerned. This gives a certain pungency to the narratives, which is accentuated by the vivid style of the narrators... a serious & painstaking military record... Mr Bean has the valuable gift of bringing clarity to the most complicated fighting." Fine illustrations & many maps. Orig. maroon cloth, gilt, excellent, near fine set. See illustration on our website.   £600
BECKE (Major A.F.) Order of Battle of Divisions: Part 2A: The Territorial Force Mounted Divisions & the 1st-Line Territorial Force Divisions (42-56). 1st Ed., ix+156pp. HMSO. 1936  #63744
[HLMainPic] Indispensable reference. Orig. grey printed paper covered board with red cloth backstrip, VG. Just 550 copies printed of this volume. See illustration on our website.   £145

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