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WW1 Maps (Including Trench Maps) WW1 Maps (Including Trench Maps)   43 Books
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France. Sheet 36B Edition 6. 1:40,000. Linen-backed fldg. British Army GSGS road map dated 1917. St. Pol. eastwards to Bully-Grenay & north to Bethune &c. VG. See illustration on our website.  #61454
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KUKUS. [Salonka]. 1:50,000. British print, 20th Sept. 1916 of 2nd edition (August 1916), of French map of part of the Salokika Front from Olasli south to Sarigol & Slatina, 45x58cm approx. Rather serviceworn. See illustration on our website.  #59944
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German East Africa. Kissaki. E5. 1:300,000. Fldg. canvas-backed map, 85x71cm, produced by GSGS/Ordnance Survey, based on the German standard map, 1916.  #45071
[HLMainPic] This sheet shows the region west of Mohoro & SW of Dar-es-Salam. As well as names of towns, hill ranges &c., conditions such as 'open steppe,' 'grass savanah', 'water hole' &c. are detailed. VG. See illustration on our website.   £100
France Sheet 57B 1:40,000, Enemy Rear Organisation. Ed. 1A. Fldg. linen backed map with German reserve lines south of Cambrai at Masnieres &c. (Masnieres-Beaurevoir Line, Le Catelet-Nauroy Line, Hindenburg Support &c.), also railways, supply & ammunition dumps, HQs of various types, hospitals, aerodromes &c. "Trenches & corrections to detail revised to 24/9/1918. Reference of Enemy Organisation 25/9/18." VG. See illustration on our website.  #61400
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France Sheet 57cSW Ed. 4A 1:20,000. German trech systems around Le Sars, Butte de Warlencourt, Martinpuich & some of their reserve lines at Le Transloy &c. Trenches corrected to 7/10/1916. VG See illustrations on our website.  #59109
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Asia Minor: Bilejik. 1:250,000. War Office map dated May 1915 (GSGS No. 2097), linen backed, chromo. map of the region of Bilejik (now capital of Turkey's Bilecik province: south of Istanbul & south-east of the ). 74x58cm approx. VG throughout, nice clean example.  #60003
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France. Sheet 57C Ed. 2 1:40,000. Linen-backed fldg. British Army GSGS road map dated 1917. Part of Somme front inc. Montauban, Flers, Bapaume, Gouzeaucourt &c. VG. See illustration on our website.  #61453
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Trench Map: Parts of 62bNE [and] 62bSW. 1:20,000. Fldg. paper map, 47x29 cm approx., showing detailed Hindenberg Line positions (including named trenches) east & west of the St. Quentin Canal, including tunnel exits &c., from Riqueval Bridge south to Bellenglise then eastwards to Le Haucourt & Tronquoy. Produced by Field Survey Bn. RE dated 25/9/18, i.e. two days before the epic storming of these positions by the 46th (North Midland) Division. VG eith unused Message Form to reverse. See illustration on our website.  #61710
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Belgium. Brussels - Sheet 6. Scale 1:100,000. (GSGS No. 2364).  #61736
[HLMainPic] Linen backed coloured map, 86x72cm approx., paper label to front. One of the maps drawn & printed at the War Office in 1912 in anticipation of operations in France/Flanders, which were issued to regimental & higher commanders in 1914. This sheet showing Belgium inc. Brussels & south to Nivelles &c. Nice crisp copy, VG. See illustration on our website.   £25
France Sheet 51aSE. Edition 3A. 1:20,000. Haspres eastwards to le Quesnoy showing some Enemy Organisation to 12/10/18, several small networks of German practice trenches around Ghissignies. Produced by Fd. Survey Bn. RE, 14/10/18. VG. See illustration on our website.  #62675
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