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Streatham's 41. 2nd Ed., orig. dec. wraps., 52pp., several dozen photos., map in text. Published in aid of the Streatham Comforts Fund. nd [1945]  #61816
[HLMainPic] Detailed record of the 41 V-1 flying bombs (Doodlebugs) that fell on Streatham over a two month period during the summer of 1944. Contains full details of each of these, describing their effect & how the Civil Defence services dealt with them & their awful effects. Includes a map showing where each one fell. The 41 bombs caused almost 1000 casualties & damaged around 17,000 properties. Well illustrated, attractive & rare record of the V-1 offensive, plus details & roll of local CD wardens & their duties, &c. See illustration on our website.   £25
"It Can Now Be Revealed" More About British Railways in Peace & War. 1st Ed., orig. dec. wraps., 64pp., photos. throughout. Issued by The British Railways Press Office. 1945  #63974
[HLMainPic] Contains "a more detailed picture" than hitherto of how the various British railway companies "not only carried the workers & raw materials for the construction firstly of war factories & then of the equipment produced in them, but how they actually designed, built & repaired armaments that played no mean part in the Battle of Britain, the North African campaign & in the invasion of Europe. Now too can be revealed their part in sustaining the bomber offensive..." Very nicely illustrated & an excellent, clean copy, VG. See illustrations on our website.   £15
Roll of Honour: No. 149 Squadron, No. 3 Group, Bomber Command, Royal Air Force, 1939-1945. 1st Ed., orig. dec. card wraps., [v]+23pp. No imprint/date (c.1980s)  #64873
[HLMainPic] A roll of some 850 airmen, noting their rank & date of death, with a short history of the squadron (they flew Stirling bombers over the Reich) & some loosely inserted research notes. VG. See illustration on our website.   £20
The History of The 107 Regiment Royal Armoured Corps (King's Own) June 1940-February 1946. 1st Ed., 93pp. Lengerich, Westfalia: Printed by Bischof & Klein. nd (c.1946)  #64130
[HLMainPic] 1940 war-raised unit based initially on officers & drafs from King's Own holding battalions, titled 10th (S) Bn. but changed in Jan. 1942 to 151st Reg. Royal Armoured Corps & began to train with tanks; retitled as 107 Regt. early in 1944, embarked for Normany 30th June 1944 & fought in break-out battles, Falaise, advance to the Rhine, &c. Roll of casualties, KiA or DoW, PoWs, roll of awards (with citations) & a number of interesting appendices on various actions. Some time spent with 15th & 51st Scottish Divisions. Orig. dec. paper covd. boards with cloth backstrip, VG & rare with loosely inserted typed slip "With the Compliments of Lt Colonel C.H. Taite and all officers and other ranks of the 107 Regiment, Royal Armoured Corps, (King's Own)." See illustration on our website.   £220
Incidents with the Seventh Battalion The Somerset Light Infantry in France & Germany from June 1944 to June 1945. 1st Ed., 74pp. No imprint/date [Germany, c.1946].  #61045
[HLMainPic] Anonymous account (by "B" Coy. commander) which conveys well the confusion in Normandy & the bleak outlook. With the arrival of an effective CO the bn's. confidence returned but days later he was killed. A third CO was killed within a few more days then the author was wounded at Mont Pincon & evacuated to the UK. Rejoined in 1945 in time for the Rhine crossing & final operations. Contemp. red cloth, blind, no publication details but evidently manufactured in Germany c.1945-46. Stain to front o/w VG & rare. See illustration on our website.   £125
"C" Company 11th Worcestershire Battalion Home Guard. 1st Ed., orig. dec. wraps., 55pp., oblong. 4to, several group photos. Phillips & Probert Ltd., Worcester. nd (c.1945).  #52833
[HLMainPic] Rare large format history of Coy. based in the area of Witley, Shrawley, Stockton, Abberley, Pensax, Clows Top, Mamble, Bayton, Stanford Bridge, Martley & Clifton-on-Teme. VG with tipped-in typed errata slip. See illustration on our website.   £85
FEPOW Forum: The Official Magazine, Far East Prisoners of War Club, London. Run of 49 issues between 1977-1986: April/May 1977; Oct.-Nov. 1978; Dec. 1978-Jan 1979; Feb.-March 1979; June-July 1979; Aug.-Sept. 1979; Oct.-Nov. 1979; Dec. 1979-Jan. 1980; Feb.-March 1980; Apr.-May 1980; June-July 1980; Aug.-Sept. 1980; Oct.-Nov. 1980; Dec. 1980-Jan. 1981; Feb.-March 1981; April-May 1981; June-July 1981; Aug.-Sept. 1981; Oct.-Nov. 1981; Dec. 1981-Jan. 1982; Feb.-March 1982; Apr.-May 1982; June-July 1982; Aug.-Sept. 1982; Oct.-Nov. 1982; Dec. 1982-Jan. 1983; Feb.-March 1983; Apr.-May 1983; June-July 1983; Aug.-Sept. 1983; Oct.-Nov. 1983; Dec. 1983-Jan. 1984; Jan.-Feb. 1984; March-April 1984; May-June 1984; July-Aug. 1984; Sept.-Oct. 1984; Nov.-Dec. 1984; Jan.-Feb. 1985; May-June 1985; July-Aug. 1985; Sept.-Oct. 1985; Nov.-Dec. 1985; Jan.-Feb. 1986; March-April 1986; May-June 1986; July-Aug. 1986 & Sept.-Dec. 1986. All issues VG in orig. dec. wraps., most. 16pp., so. approx. 780pp. in all. Printed by B.W. Smith (Printers) Ltd., Sidcup. Conntemp.  #64492
[HLMainPic] Magazine of the Far East PoWs, London Branch, each issue including editorial notes, news from Annual Conference, news from branches, news of FEPOW members & obituaries, various articles of recollections & reminiscences, return visits to Thailand, Singapore, &c., & related material. Each issue VG in orig. dec. wraps., presumably the circulation was fairly limited & surviving examples are scarce. See illustrations on our website.   £425
History of the 6th Perthshire Battalion Home Guard (Perth City Battalion). 1st Ed., orig. dec. wraps., 63pp. Perth: Printed by Milne, Tannahill & Methven Ltd. 1945  #64510
[HLMainPic] Organisation & work of the unit, rolls of officers, various individuals mentioned by name in the text. Orig wraps., little stained, VG. See illustration on our website.   £50
Prisoner of War: The First Authentic Account of the Lives of British Prisoners of War in Enemy Hands. 1st Ed., 28pp., photos. throughout, map (showing locations of PoW camps in Germany, Italy &c.). Horace Marshall & Sons Ltd. on behalf of the War Organisation of the British Red Cross. [1942]  #62029
[HLMainPic] Description of types of camps, rights of prisoners, food, conditions &c., plus good selection of photos. & map showing locations of the various camps. Little chipped, VG, with loosely inserted BRCS leaflet of guidance on how to send parcels to PoW, wat may be included, &c. See illustrations on our website.   £20
The War Diary of H Company 8th Battalion The Rifle Brigade. 1st Ed., orig. printed paper covd. boards, 82pp., ep maps. No imprint, Schleswig, Sept. 1945  #65642
[HLMainPic] Appealing history from landing in Normandy June 1944 with 11th Armd. Div., Hill 112, Bocage &c., through Low Countries to Schleswig on the Baltic. Nominal roll with home addresses, Roll of Hon., awards. Nice clean copy, VG & rare. See illustration on our website.   £145

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