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Metropolitan Special Constabulary Official Handbook 1938. 96pp. pocketbook, orig. printed card wraps. Metropolitan Police. 1938.  #49685
[HLMainPic] CONFIDENTIAL guidance for 'Specials' on the organisation of the Met., policing methods & procedures, &c. VG & scarce survaival. See illustration on our website.   £30
Regulations for His Majesty's Colonial Service. For Official Use. Orig. blue printed paper wraps., 138pp. Printed by Darling & Son Ltd. for HMSO. 1908.  #54291
[HLMainPic] Issued by the Colonial Office, containing details of officers' appointments, salaries, discipline, orders of precedence, medals & decorations, salutes, regulations for official correspondence, financial accounts &c., plus appendices & index. 1000 copies printed. See illustration on our website   £35
The United Services Handbook 1939: A Mine of Useful Information for Members of the Services: Hotels, Schools, Hunting, Riding, Fishing, Gold, Amusements, Motoring & Travel, Residential Facilities, Insurance, Etc. 3rd Ed., orig. dec. wraps., 528pp. Printed by Glovers, Weston-super-Mare, & published by the United Services Association. 1939.  #53974
[HLMainPic] A handy guide intended to assist officers who were returning from lengthy service abroad, or who were facing retirement, to the facilities of estate agents, sporting clubs, schools &c., which might be of use to them. Quite fascinating in the range of editorial content & advertisements for various commericail companies, Foxhounds, &c., including a register of retired officers & their regiments who are now proprietors of businesses advertised. VG. See illustration on our website.   £20
Fleets: The British Commonwealth of Nations & Foreign Countries. Orig. printed wraps., 123pp. HMSO. 1938.  #53684
[HLMainPic] "Annual particulars of British & Foreign Fleets" inc. USA, Japan, France, Italy, Germany, Soviet Union, listing every one of each type of craft, from battleships down to CMBs, River Gunboats, Minesweepers &c., distinguishing those still in building stages. See illustration on our website.   £15
Is it Beneath the Dignity of a Nation to Employ Foreign Soldiers? By an Officer Lately on the Staff. 46pp. No imprint/date.  #43800
The author addresses the question: "Would it the expedient to keep a Foreign Legion permanently in the British Service?" Reference to the 'late war with Russia' & the suppression of the Indian Mutiny, plus extract from Hansard dated 1850, would seem to date this to c.1860. Later brown binder's cloth, bookplate of Basil Liddell Hart.   £10
Maj.-Genl. J.N. Thomson, DSO, MC, psc, ADC to the King, Deputy Master-General of the Ordnance, India, 1943-1946, formerly RA: Lecture notes/papers from Staff College, Camberley, 1921. Approx. 200pp. foolscap, handwritten notes & papers, plus dup. typescript directing staff exam. papers, instructional notes, guidance &c., together with several fldg. maps, all retained by cord in contemp. lecture note book.  #55865
[HLMainPic] Thomson was a Major when he attended the Staff College in 1921, following distinguished service with the RFA in WW1 for which he had received the DSO & MC. The range of material studied demonstrates the overall nature of the Staff College course, from recent operational experience on several fronts in WW1 to possible reorganisation of the infantry, the use of various arms, manpower, NWF fighting, &c. Instructors' comments on Thomson's papers are almost invariably positive & encouraging, but with some interesting suggestions for modifications. Includes his paper plus staff notes & fldg. maps for An Appreciation of the Situation on the Western Front on 1st May 1918; an Indoor Exercise on North-West Frontier Warfare (for which the instructor was Brig. J.P. Villiers-Stuart); Organisation of the British Infantry; The Value of the Creeping Barrage in Mobile Warfare; A war game, with appreciation of the imaginary situation; Minor Administrative Problems; papers on situations in Palestine & Mesopotamia; The Tactical Results of a thick mist such as obtained in France during the initial stages of the German attack on 21st march 1918,l &c. VG. Interesting & absorbing notes. See illustrations on our website.   £145
Naval General Service Medal Roll: Syria. 269pp., bound carbon typescript.  #47456
[HLMainPic] Bound in half blue morocco (rubbed, but sound), being an alphabetical roll of around 7000 officers & men entitled to the clasp for the Capture of Acre & operations connected with it on the coast of Syria in 1840. Includes their rating & ship, other clasps earned & occasional other notes, plus list of ships present. An anonymous, major research project superseded by the published & online NGS roll but handy quick reference for anyone interested in this particular campaign.   £15
The Commonwealth Army: Shall it be Based on Conscription or Voluntary Service? A Series of Articles by the Military Representative of the Sydney Daily Telegraph upon the Proposed Creation of A National Army for Australia by the Introduction of Compulsory Military Training. Reprinted from the Sydney Dailey Telegraph, Jan. 4-13, 1908. 29pp. orig. wraps. Sydney, Cunninghame & Co., Printers. 1908.  #47307
[HLMainPic] Outline of several proposed systems for an Australian Army. Chipped orig. wraps., previously has been bound with other pamphlets, VG thus & uncommon, ex-RUSI lib. See illustration on our website.   £15
Memoirs of The Lord Viscount Dundee, The Highland Clans, & The Massacre of Glencoe: With An Account of Dundee Officers Aftet They Went to France. By An Officer of the Army. New Ed., 99pp. Glasgow: Re-printed for J. Wylie & Co. by Robert Chapman. 1818.  #56158
[HLMainPic] Recent qtr. brown morocco, gilt, with brown cloth covd. boards. VG thus. See illustration on our website.   £95
Sea Survival. Interim Reprint pending 3rd Ed., 41pp., sketches throughout. HMSO. 1969.  #51963
[HLMainPic] Official Air Ministry pocketbook, PAM (AIR) 224, on survival after ditching at sea. First printed in 1957, 2nd Ed. in 1966 & this printing in 1969. Attractive orig. dec. wraps., VG. See illustration on our website.   £10

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